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clicking on a topic with a new post, jumps you straight to that post


Retired Forum Moderator
i've noticed, that when i click on a topic with a new post, it puts me on the first page meaning i have to jump to the last page and navigate down to the latest post, it gets rather tedious, i was thinking of something like what IPboard does where you go to the most recent post when you click on a topic with a new post :p
just my humble idea.
At least you can go to last page if thread have more than 1 page by clicking on page number at thread name. But finding last post is on you :)
I usually press End then PgUp (1 or 2 times) and i'm there.
true, i just find it rather tedious after a while trying to find the latest post.
why not just click on this in the new posts column?
XD just realised the amazing powers of said button that sends me to the last post, not the most observant in the world XD
It's been a while.... I don't quite remember the user controls..... I think you can select the order by which posts are displayed in your profile settings.... newest first.... Can someone check on that....