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  1. Pipsmom

    Hunting Grounds

    This is getting contagious making composites. This one I call Ancient Hunting Grounds.....hint find the Indian on horseback To large to post so click the links AFTER USED PICTURES
  2. T

    Just testing something

    Just to see if I can edit a post
  3. IamSam

    Still Life Digital Painting (study)

    As promised, I have some more art to contribute. I was getting ready for a dog painting but I recently became interested in posting a still life painting for the purpose of establishing myself as a credible digital artist who knows a little about what he's talking about. I'm not trying to prove...
  4. IamSam

    Forum Features Forum upgrade!

    Just letting everyone know that the forum has had an upgrade and you will notice some changes. Please make a post in this thread if you find anything not functioning properly.
  5. C

    the textures thread

    a thread for beautiful textures. ill try to post daily
  6. D

    "Painted" Effect

    Anyone know how to get the subtle painted effect this photographer is using on his photos: We use the same modifier and a very similar camera system (I'm 5DMKIII and he's D800). I've set up the light every which way at every different intensity so I'm pretty sure this is something happening...
  7. A

    Gues the macro 12

    My first macro post, to be fair i took the picture from an old poster that's why it's looking this way, but i think it's and easy one. Cheers!
  8. O

    Make it a bit lighter

    Hi! could anyone improve the quality of this pic so its not that dark and blurry? It is not good enough to post anywhere. Thanks
  9. S

    How Do I Do Something Like This

    Not completelynew to ps, but never figured out how to do something like this. The things im trying to figure out are the glow from the red border of the edit, the text on the side for the second one and then the player edits in general Here's another example
  10. K

    How do they do this photoshop effect?

    I see many pictures using this "chiffon fabric" effect but cannot find a tutorial of how to do it myself. Could someone tell me (or link me) how to do it? Thanks.
  11. H

    Help me enhanced old picture

    Hello everyone,this is my first post in this forum. I've been googling around for a tutorial on how to restore old photos and then I stumbled upon this forum. :thumbsup: This picture were taken with a mobile phone camera from a picture album not long before it went missing. In other word, I...
  12. G

    Specific image blurring and shadowing.

    Hello dear users of Photoshop Gurus forum! This is my first post, I am deeply sorry about the fact that my first post is a post wich asks for help and guidance :( I just started learning photoshop recently, having a lot of fun with it, but I reached a point where I cannot find the solution for...
  13. Eggy

    3D Blender - Wooden Box

    And another exercise. Not complex and some PS post processing Give that man a cigar... (While working with Blender I sometimes regret having quit smoking, mis that nicotine rush - and no I will not start smoking again!)
  14. T

    Fake Detective (Snake)

    First post. Enjoyed :lol:
  15. chrisdesign

    Challenge #46 Levitation

    Thank you Helios for the challenge# 45. It was great fun for everyone. This challenge # 46 has the topic "Levitation". You are invited to create a composite consisting of a background with a couple of "floating items“ inserted. Funny, comic, spooky creations or otherwise absurd or unreal...
  16. A

    need some help proving this image is a fake

    Hi guys, I know this is my first post and I will post more here soon. This guy on a forum post this photo saying he "accidentally" shot a ghost with his camera, and me being in digital design know's it's a fake, but I'm not a PS expert yet to prove him wrong. Can someone unmerge the two photos...
  17. agentmoeller


    I suppose I should post Procreate art here... since it's not done in Ps.
  18. M

    Text Change request

    Hi guys, first post here. Would anyone kindly be able to edit the text to where it just says FAREWELL in the same font? thank you so much!
  19. Jerry D

    CD covers

    I'm so bored! Nothing on TV, the weather is crappy, holidays are over. It's either clean house or play at Ps. Guess which I'm doing? So I thougt I'd post some old CD covers I've done, just to see what you think about them. They're not great but why not? Here's the first one...
  20. D

    Being big sucks, have a slight "double chin" to be taken care of

    Hey, I'm new here, and have seen some of the amazing work you people can do. If you could please help me out with my situation in these two photos it would be greatly appreciated. I've hesitated to post them on facebook because I'm slightly embarrassed. Thank you so much for your time and...