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  1. SeniorS

    How to Upload and Post Files.

    Often You need or want to add files to your posts. You can do it directly in PhotoShopGurus (no need to upload files to diferent servers). Read to make sure You may upload...
  2. O

    First post from an amateur- Looking for advice and critique

    Hello gentlemen and ladies of the night I have been playing around with Photoshop for a little while, but I feel I need some constructive critique and get some good advice from people more skilled then I am. The original pictures I used are at the end of this post. The first picture I am...
  3. Z

    clicking on a topic with a new post, jumps you straight to that post

    i've noticed, that when i click on a topic with a new post, it puts me on the first page meaning i have to jump to the last page and navigate down to the latest post, it gets rather tedious, i was thinking of something like what IPboard does where you go to the most recent post when you click on...
  4. Z

    does this image look post processed?

    just trying to figure out whether the camera did it or it's been post processed?
  5. Ara Tidwell

    First post: I'm mad.... Can't save history with file.. Driving me nutts since PS 5.0

    I've been an amature Photoshop enthusiast since version 4.0... I remember when the history palette came out and it was so cool... But the obvious was lacking, can't save history. I have given Photoshop a break quite sparatically over the years.... but now I have come back in an attempt to...
  6. ibclare

    What just happened to my post???

    Crud and more crud. I just spent almost 10 minutes responding to a post. I clicked submit and it disappearaed. Waaaaaaaaaaaa :cry:
  7. S

    Trying to post an image

    Just testing something out.
  8. SeniorS

    "This is a great post! Thank You very much!"

    I have afterthoughts about those spam bots. Yes they distract attention sometimes. Their signatures contains unallowed advertisment. But the message itself... Lets left those bots without "job". Lets say to each other: This is a great post! Thank You very much!