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  1. J

    Changing Pattern to solid

    I know this is possible but there is no tutorial on how to do it what I want to do is change the fabric on the chair or make it into a solid keeping the curves and shadow there was a post that showed an example but didnt explain ..The last picture is from the post I saw doesnt explain how to do...
  2. M

    Afghanistan Mural photomerge - streetview style

    Hello, first post so please be gentle! Whilst in Afghanistan I took lots of photos of the murals described in this article: (turns out i cant post links so please google "bbc news 21219299" it's the link about harrys tour I have elements 7 and I have been trying to photomerge them into...
  3. IamSam

    Before and After Retouching....What's your opinion?

    The internet is chock full of Before and After Retouching images by common folk, Ps enthusiasts, and of course so called professionals. In this thread, I would like to get a good idea of what everyone's opinion might be on what they consider to be good examples or bad examples of Photo...
  4. S

    Just Starting Out

    Good Day everyone! This is my first post within the group and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a member. I have not used Photoshop in many years, but I want to get back. I will leave my introduction brief because I do not if this is the section I should post what brought me t...
  5. M

    Hi, I'm Manda!

    Hi there! I'm Manda! I'm here seeking some help with some images I took at a wedding on Sunday! I'll make a new thread for those though. I'm not really sure what else to include in this post but if you have questions feel free to ask them! :)
  6. gautamz07

    attractive infographic

    Well was just feeling bored today and where else would i go besides here :D just needed to make a small attractive infographic . basically transforming something unattractive like this . into something attarctive like this . Will make my own version and post it :) , its for the web...
  7. N

    Stencil or Silhouette Effect

    Hi, first forum post. Im a screen printer learning how to design for printing. In this post, I am trying to create a silhouette of all dark areas of a color image ( bridge with suspension cables, some water and horizon- no sun). I am not getting the results I am looking for. My steps: 1...
  8. MikeMc

    Anyone Else having Chrome issues ?

    As I normally do I went to post up a comment on a thread...Chrome is changing the view (Dark to Fluid) will not let me post images, after uploading, shows a new login screen, I went to IE and everything is A OK.. will say to refresh and clear, BUT this is happening on all 3 Computers...
  9. I

    Post production portraits

    There is this photographer who's work I really love. He does a lot of portrait shots for actors, but I'm not sure where to start. Obviously uses a sharp lens, but the main thing seems to be lighting and post production. Here is his website: Headshots NYC: David Noles New York City...
  10. D


    I've been using Photoshop for 4 years. I've just upgraded mine to Extended version of Cs6. So far I like this forum, I don't post alot.
  11. admin

    Read This First [Video Tutorials] Section Guidelines

    Tutorial Videos Our goal is to only allow video tutorials that maintain a set of standards and quality that we feel our members enjoy and expect here at Photoshop Guru's. We expect all tutorials to convey concepts and procedures which not only cater to a specific result but will assist the...
  12. D

    Hello there members of PhotoshopGurus!

    Hello There!!! My name is Cristina (Discover Wide) and this is my first time here. I just want to introduce myself to you guys, I am Puerto Rican so I speak spanish too, and I love designing in Photoshop and others you can metion haha, I love expressing myself in design or photography and I am...
  13. O

    where i post

    hi when i am posting in photoshop Newbies section i am getting a message where i feed 5 posts and in which sections please guide.
  14. M

    my 1st post. right link - Sorry

    Can anyone help me with this effect. How can i obtain it? Garr's posterous - between a tweet & the presentation zen website
  15. Vafann

    How to make a pattern preview and post patterns

    Heeloo :) I have just been having a blast making photoshop patterns, I could do this forever it feels like :). I have only made a few as a test, but if anyone would like them, I want to know how to share them. 1- How do I best make a preview of them? 2-How do I post them so that others can...
  16. S

    Post Processing of Color PDF's

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I recently purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 Document Scanner and I'm looking for suggestions on post-processing of color PDF files. What I have are thousands of pages of documents printed on a standard B&W Laserjet with brief annotations using a colored pen and...
  17. Jayquizz

    My First Post

    So i was thinking if you guys could critic my art :) I was just messing around with some brushes and effects and it turned out pretty good,what do you guys think? And this is my first post on this forum,hey! :D
  18. TiMmY

    Ok, my first proper post

    Here is an old work of mine. I've never really known what other people think of it but here goes: Took an image of me snowboarding and a wood texture, rest is just done with the pen/brush tool
  19. Hoogle

    Ok what have I done PSG wont let me post png with transparant bgrounds

    Ok I have noticed this recently the pictures are png on my desktop they are still transparant in the preview mode just before you upload them but when it posts it gets a white background
  20. alixman96

    First post

    hi umm this is my first post in this website and i have only worked with photoshop about a month (in the last month of summer) and I really liked it and i would like you guys my lates work I did i didnt work on it allot but it seems nice to me please leave suggestions and comments so I could...