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  1. gedstar

    Challenge #37, SUBMISSION THREAD - PSG, When Time Passes By

    :hi: ALL Firstly a big thanks to Eggy for coming up with the latest Challenge :flamethro: OK people it's that time again, time to get creative and show us some of your skills. Entries can be posted...
  2. gedstar

    Can you find the mistake

    See how long it's takes you to spot the mistake, don't post what it is just post how long it takes you
  3. S

    Wondering how I can make this composite more realistic

    Here is the final picture that I have so far, I'm not sure what I can do to make it look a little more realistic? Here is some of the photos I used prior to compositing in photoshop: Lamp Post: Friend Torso and thighs: Friend legs...
  4. dv8_fx


    A big Thanks to Helios for coming up with this challenge... Challenge #36 - PSG, the album! OK, restless natives..... HERE WE GO.... Welcome to OUTTATUN RECORDS. Post your demo entries here.... All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you have...
  5. gedstar

    Challenge 35 is here :)

    :hi: ALL Challenge 35 is up and running, you can post your entries here Rules for the challenge can be found here...
  6. dv8_fx


    A big thanks to Paul for creating this challenge.... Challenge 35 - CREATE A DROID To all participating "MAKERS" ... Utinni!!! Welcome to PizzadaHutt's Junkyard - the place to upload your droid creations. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you...
  7. chrisdesign

    3D Designer Lamp

    After many working hours and several PS Crashes I could finally finish this job. What you see here should be a 'Designer Light'. They say that the path is the goal. At the end it now looks more like a heavy steel construction. Whatever I love my design. After a few hours I will post the...
  8. JakGunn

    New Man

    Good morning everyone, joined this morning and I hope to learn from you so that I may enhance and enjoy my photographs all the more. When am little more confident I'll post some image's for you to see. I am from Norfolk, UK. Retired and I have been taking photo's for a long time! Many...
  9. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #5 CC 2014/15 Preferences Pickle...

    The problem: UN-checking "Resize Image During Place" in CC2014 and CC2015 is not retained in preferences. To Replicate: 1. UN-check the option in Preferences > General 2. Close PS. 3. Open PS. 4. Open Preferences > General The option is checked again. Seems to be the only pref which isn't...
  10. P

    Hello all

    Hi just a quick post to say hello from the UK. :)
  11. P

    How to Recreate These Images?

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, I saw the 'Request Tutorials' section but the last post said that posting to that thread might not get noticed, so feel free to move this if I should have posted there anyway. I was wondering if anybody could take the time to make a...
  12. dv8_fx

    Challenge 33 SUBMISSION THREAD - Winter Without Snow (Advanced)

    OK, folks.... upload your entries here. Please keep this thread clear of comments. You can engage in banter and hold discussions regarding the submissions in the Challenge Announcement thread ... Challenge 33 - Winter Without Snow (Advanced) Contest submission ends on Tuesday 19th January at...
  13. B

    Can you help me fix this issue installing Photoshop cc 2015

    I don't know if i can post this thread in this section or not.But i do think its an appropriate category to post this issues i have been encountering while installing the Adobe CC .Every time its asking me to insert the 2nd disk etc.. message and i am unable to install the required stuff on my...
  14. M

    Consolidate Forums

    Hello, I've just received excellent help from admin and IamSam and would like to show my thanks by offering you my first impression. You have a "General" and "Newbie" forum. Now I looked, and both of these get great traffic, but not to a suffocating degree requiring them to be separated. When...
  15. B

    Hello Everyone

    Hi I am new to this forum. I have only done a little bit of photo editing. I am currently working on a picture of my husband with his moose. He used to smoke and now he doesn't. I am trying to remove the cigarette from his mouth. I would like to post my before and after. I think that it does not...
  16. C

    Introducing my self with the members

    Hello all I am here already more than 1 week. But did not post anything yet. But I have got notified that I will be removed if I do not post anything. And I appreciated it. So now I am starting to post and hope I will be helped.
  17. B

    Tutorial help

    Is there a tutorial to help me get this effect? New to this so let me know if I should post somewhere else.
  18. L

    How to create a Logo

    Hello everyone, i am looking for someone who can help me to create a logo i dont know much about Photoshop so i would be really thankful if someone can help me, i have a few ideas how the logo could look but i dont know how to create it in Photoshop. So if you are interested to help me then you...
  19. MrToM

    Brain strain game

    For no other reason than a bit of fun try this: (For the benefit of others if you solve it please keep it to yourself) Below is a 128x64px 1bit image of someone we probably all know... Step 1. Can you recognise the person in the image? Just use the image above......don't try anything...
  20. L

    First time posting a before & After portrait (Please be gentle haha)

    Hey :D so apart from my introductory post, this is my first before & after post so please be gentle :cheesygrin: I do know I need to learn a lot (and tone down the brightness of things ie: teeth haha) hence why I have joined here :D P.s I am hoping to one day be equivalent to magazine standards...