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3D Designer Lamp

After many working hours and several PS Crashes I could finally finish this job. What you see here should be a 'Designer Light'.

They say that the path is the goal. At the end it now looks more like a heavy steel construction. Whatever I love my design.
After a few hours I will post the rendered version of it. The object is then on a dark background, so the soft light of the lamp will be lit and can be seen.

The whole job is done in PS 3D, only the appropriate light will be made with Photoshop 2D post processing.

This is how I built this object.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 13.49.53.png
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 13.50.38.png
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 13.52.15.png
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 13.53.07.png
Agree this is getting very in depth now Chris great work again, maybe make the element colours an unusual colour instead of the natural element glow?
Agree this is getting very in depth now Chris great work again, maybe make the element colours an unusual colour instead of the natural element glow?

Thanks Paul for your kind words, always much appreciated.
And yes, maybe I'll try out a greenish color light and glow. Though I'm not in the mood to work on this image again at the moment.:frown:

During the challenge 35 project PS did chrashed twice.
Fortunatly I started PS right back and got a 'recovered' version of the project with no loss of data.
I can only assume it is a memory issue altho I have 32 GB ram mem.
I hope PS will fix this issue.
You're right about the recovered version. But the file is still corrupted in some places.
For instance, the option "delete object" or "duplicate object" is greyed out, and therefore useless in random objects.
If I activate one of these objects Photoshop crashes again immediately.
The strange thing is, all the previous saved versions on my Harddisk are also corrupted. I have to retrieve files from my backup, they are always ok, but not the newest version.
This can be very frustrating to redo certain objects.

So the only thing to do is put in more ram. Only 8 GB at the moment.

Thanks very much Eggy for pointing out this problem to me.

Adding memory is always good for PS but I have 32 GB (24 GB allocated to PS) and still PS 'crashes' sometimes, so I don't think mem is the issue.
Maybe an issue with the graphics accelerator card?
What I do after a crash is starting PS and getting a 'recovered' version. Without doing anything else I save the PSD as the original PSD, overwriting the original.
Then I close PS and restart my PC.
When I open my PSD file I have the latest version of it and all the working options.
But it is a loss of time and quite annoying.
Thanks again Eggy...next time after a crash I do exactly as you said.
Hopefully I have more ram soon, that should help too.