1. S

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone, glad to be here :) I'm an industrial/3D designer, turned to graphics due to lack of 3D/industrial design jobs in my area (just being honest :)). So I'm working as a graphic designer and most of my tasks are easy and straightforward- mock-ups, colour changing, easy print and...
  2. P

    As a young designer,wishing study more about photoshop here!

    I graduated last year,as a young designer,wishing study more about photoshop here! :hi:
  3. W

    Hello PG forum

    Hello - I am a recent join to PGForum and look forward to exploring it in greater detail. I've been a designer for nearly 2 decades using PS almost exclusively.
  4. J

    Designing a logo form my company

    HI. I’m pretty stuck at this moment. I have to design a logo form my company. It is launching a new brand, so we have a huge space for creativity and innovation. I had some thoughts in my mind which I communicated with my designer as well. But unfortunately, my designer met an accident, making...
  5. Na11


    I joined here a while ago but I guess I didn't formally introduce myself? I'm a 14 year old girl, I'll just switched from Gimp (Which I still use from time to time) to Photoshop CS6 extended and CS2. I'm still a total noob and I don't really know much so I have tons of questions. For some more...
  6. gedstar

    Affinity Designer for Windows

    More info
  7. gedstar

    Affinity Designer for Windows is now FREE in BETA

    More info
  8. S

    Hello I'm a UX/Brand designer wanting to learn more about Photoshop for webdesign

    Hello I'm a UX/Brand designer wanting to learn more about Photoshop for webdesign.
  9. J

    Photoshop noob

    Honestly I was looking for a forum where I can find help with photoshop, I don't have any skills or expertise to offer in return, I have been using Gimp for a long time but I wasn't doing anything advanced at all, just using it for everyday personal needs, I am not a graphic designer and not...
  10. Pearlie

    I'm Pearlie, a confirmed Photoshopaholic.

    Hello, all, from sunny Florida! I'm a pro graphic designer, retired 2 years ago and now enjoy freelancing. Have participated in international Photoshop contests for several years on a couple of sites, to increase my knowledge and push my creativity. Have put some work on Behance and a project...
  11. R


    hello Photoshop gurus i am motion graphics designer my name is raj
  12. P

    A New Graphic Designer HERE! :D

    Hello Everyone, I'm Pedro, An Advanced Beginner Graphic designer, It's my first time in your Forum, I'm Here for practicing More and more Designing, I like Design, I like it so much, my only bad problem is that i have a less of inspiration, creativity, and Idea of how my next design will and...
  13. O

    Hello All

    Hey all, I'm a graphic designer, glad to be a part of the community!
  14. chrisdesign

    3D Designer Lamp

    After many working hours and several PS Crashes I could finally finish this job. What you see here should be a 'Designer Light'. They say that the path is the goal. At the end it now looks more like a heavy steel construction. Whatever I love my design. After a few hours I will post the...
  15. D

    T shirt design needed

    Hey there guys..Im really desperate to get some great designer who will understand what I request...tried everywhere freelancer, upwork, some of the t shirt design forums...designers claiming 10-15 years of the field and after I saw the sample work..well....:banghead: Im looking for...
  16. kerby

    Greetings yung homies and old farts

    Sup, I'm kerby. I'm a freelance graphic designer and I also work at an architecture firm. My main role there is architectural visualization, i.e. renderings and colored floor plans for clients. I have about a decade of design experience, mostly in Gimp and Cinema 4D. Once I started my job, I got...
  17. H

    Anybody here knows how to create this style on PS?

    Hi guys! I'm new here, I'm a fashion designer and I've got a photoshoot coming up in 1 week. I'm not very good with PhotoShop. Hence, I'm here asking for help. Does anybody here knows how to replicate this style on PS? Thanks a lot.
  18. K

    Hi I'm new :)

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to Photoshop and would like to learn new skills to help me become a better web designer. Regards Kat
  19. K

    Freelance Graphic Designer

    I decided to work as a freelance designer for a couple of months now. It has been a roller coaster ride really but I have never enjoyed my life as much as I do today. The downside? Of course getting clients on a regular basis. I have been using the social media but seems not enough as a...
  20. Zprite

    Hi there! A (sometimes) creative Norwegian joining in.

    Hi. I'm kind of an allrounder when it comes to things you can do with a computer. I've previously worked with 2D and 3D animation, video editing, video FX, game design, web design and graphic design. Now I am working as a freelance web designer and graphic designer. I have joined to get some...