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Designing a logo form my company

HI. I’m pretty stuck at this moment. I have to design a logo form my company. It is launching a new brand, so we have a huge space for creativity and innovation.

I had some thoughts in my mind which I communicated with my designer as well. But unfortunately, my designer met an accident, making him unavailable for a few days. Now the problem is that I have to present our new logo in a meeting which is scheduled in a couple of days. And since I haven’t ever outsourced my work, I don’t know how the entire system works.

A friend of mine told me about various custom design services available on the internet. I goggled it, and I have finalized my choice to one. But since this would be my first time to outsource a project, I am pretty nervous if they would be able to pull the right job in the given time frame. Moreover, I wanted to ask about the mandatory requirements before choosing the best designer. I don’t have time for revisions, so I need to be sure before going for an outsourced work. Else I am doomed. Suggestions pls.
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When you're looking for a professional logo designer, you typically want a professional designer that researches your target market. This way, they are able to create a unique and memorable logo for your business that helps build trust and authority. You don't want to hire a designer that is going to make something that looks like it was slapped together in Microsoft Paint.