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    My lettering seems too close together

    I created this logo, however, as you can see, the "A" in plant seems way too close to the other letters. I used a LATO font, and no matter what I do, I cant get the spacing or centering correct. All of the lettering seems off a little Any help would be appreciated
  2. M

    Paid Logo for website

    Hello :) I would like to get an logo made, its for an website/business It needs to vector ofc :) Subject: advertising ( needs to look clean and professional :) Ill pay 20 dollars, and will tip 5usd extra if the logo turns out really good :) Paypal Michel
  3. C

    Specific ESPN basketball help replacing logo edit

    Hey, I wanted to know if someone could help me replacing the red McDonalds all American logo with a different one (thunder logo provided below), I want to keep the squares if possible in the background. I wouldn't like the logo to be infant of the player if there's any way to keep it behind the...
  4. R

    Paid Paying someone to make me a mc server logo

    Paying someone to make me a minecraft server logo, must have a moon in the background and say 'MoonPVP Factions' and make it look medieval themed. Add me on discord if you can do this Discord: RyanTheGod#8853
  5. G

    Please Help Identify This Font

    This is a logo that I created for a friend who started his own business. I had all of my original files in a folder on my C: Drive and when I reformatted my drive to upgrade my computer I thought it was saved on my storage drive. So I no longer have the actual PSD files. I was only able to...
  6. Z

    Paid LOGO Request.

  7. K

    Specific Smoothing rough line edges & adding text.

    Hi everyone, hope you are having a great day. I am in need of some assistance in smoothing the rough edges of lines in an image (BandKlogo) along with the font. My sister is getting married, and I want to make shirts for the wedding cruise. However, the logo I have pulled from her site is...
  8. B

    why is the logo quality so low when i put it on a website?

    Any solution? On photoshop it has a really good quality, i saved it as jpg max resolution but when i put it on the website it gets so ugly. Width: 3000 ; Height: 1000 ; Resolution : 3000 Pixels ; RGB Color ; 8 bit ; Pixel aspect ratio : square pixels
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    Specific Need help refining my logo

    I paid for this logo a few years ago. I really would like to change the colors to soften and somehow incorporate my name in a softer more pleasing way, or delete it...but I’m lost. Graphics are not my bag. Can anyone please help me, please??!
  10. J

    Specific Turn the white to black & make the background transparent

    Hello, I just need the white part to be black and the purple background to transparent. Thanks, I appreciate any attempts.
  11. W

    Specific Simple Photoshop request (logo)

    Hey there, I have a simple Photoshop request, I would appreciate someones help. I’m making a logo and I already have my template complete. I have an image of a heart that I would like to insert into the middle of the logo template. I would specifically like the heart image to be placed into...
  12. A

    Specific America Themed Houseparty Logo

    Hi Guys, we're throwing an America themed houseparty (in the Netherlands), and would really like a cool logo for it. The only request would be to use the text "Donalds Dolle Disco" and for it not to have to many small details. Would love to see what some of you can come up with! :-) Thanks in...
  13. J

    Logo design challenge

    Hey guys, Over the past couple of days I have been lucky enough to have a few ppl work on an official logo for me on here for free for a AAA baseball team I coach. Here it is here: What im looking for now is a creative mind who wants a challenge to design a secondary (alternate) logo for my...
  14. T

    Specific Need help changing text in a logo

    Hello. I would greatly appreciate if someone could change the text in this logo. I would like it to spell "El Pico" instead of "El Monte", using the same font and styles.
  15. J

    Logo Alteration

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I coach a Midget AAA baseball team called the Cape Breton Cubs. Naturally we use the Chicago Cubs logo but I'm hoping that someone can alter it a bit to have "Cape Breton" on it. Ive attached the logo I'm looking to alter. If someone...
  16. S

    Please Help!! Urgent!!!

    Hi. I am looking for someone to help me with my logo. I have the basics of it down, but i would love it if someone gave it a white outline and make it look a bit nicer. Its for my schools new gaming club. I also would like it to have some color corrections. Thank you for your time and sorry for...
  17. J

    Creative Blog Logo Revamp Request

    Hi Photoshop Gurus! Good day! I just want my 3 blog logos to be revamped because I'm the one who created it and I think its so simple hehe. Here's my logos: Logo (Square) Logo (with Text) Logo (with description) Any kind of edits or new creations is highly...
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    logo design needed PAYING $50

    Hi all, I need a logo made for my real estate investment company. The logo will be used for our business cards, website, signs, advertisements, etc. so it is very important that we get the right one. We have an idea of what we want and a concept made already, so it should be fairly simple...
  19. A

    Circular Text in Logo

    Hi guys like tittle says i need on this logo for instagram profile picture to add circular text in this logo with some nice font which you think will be perfect text: THENJETEARTA and if please someone will do this for me please save psd maybe i change anytime instagram username so i can change...
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    Background remove couple love

    Hi im asking for background remove but im not sure wich photo to ask from you to remove background so i will post 3 photos so you pick the best one you think it will fit on my logo thanks #1 i think the best but colors of logo and this are too different Here you have the logo to compare...