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    T-Shirt Logo for Bachelor Party

    I have made one before but it took me around 10-12 hours since i am terrible at photoshop and have not had time to get better due to other hobbies. I am looking for some help in doing the cartoon effect on a picture and creating a logo. I understand this takes time so i have attached a file...
  2. L

    Energy Brokerage Logo Design

    Hi, $70 I am trying to create a logo for my new business i have a very basic knowledge of Photoshop back from the Photoshop 7 days. I have attached the PSD file i have been working with. I am looking to have the text 3d Like a black/chrome effect like this: As well as the flame on there...
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    Help with making a hand-made logo a digital logo

    Hey guys, I'm new here! First of all forgive my bad grammar, English is not my first language. Anyways, here is my problem: A friend of mine sent me this logo he made and asked me if I could make it on Photoshop. I said I could try. This is the logo he sent me: I have NO IDEA how to do...
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    Need advice/help editing my logo

    Hello! I just received my logo back, and I am so disappointed. I really wanted the C to mesh with the M and the tail to be curled more....it looks off. The person that I paid, wasn't listening at all so now I just need to figure it out myself. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or the...
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    Illustrator make lines smoother

    Hi guys, I am really really new in illustrator so here isthe thing. I was researching it but I didn't get the answer so if you help me please. I am trying to make a logo and it is a basic text logo. The Capital letter 'M' font Android and i notices that the lines (or curves) are kinda pixeled. I...
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    Logo/Emblem Design Needed - Paying abt. USD 50

    Good Day all, I am looking for assistance in designing a logo for a graduated class of shipping students. The logo is to be like a badge, and the intention is it will be used for both stationary but also possibly printed on clothing in due time. Budget is as per the title ard USD 50, which is...
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    After Effects Basic Skype Logo Animation

    Hey guy's.. Like to share a little bit of motion graphics here. I used the infamous Skype logo ( in no way do I claim the logo to be mine) and added some bubbly animation. Sorry it's only a very short clip. Watch in HD. Let me know your thoughts.
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    Tips for adding a drop shadow

    Hello, I have an image of a guitar finger board. I wanna add a logo on the actual board, behind the strings. I though of a way, which is to just add the logo, and delete the areas of the logo which overlap with the strings, thus making an effect of having the logo behind the strings. Is there...
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    After Effects Very Basic Logo & Text Animation Intro

    Hey Gurus.. I thought I would broaden my horizons and teach myself some Ae. I'm pretty good with Ps and Ai so I thought why not try my hand at some VFX. I've only started using Ae in the last two days so please forgive me lol. I designed the logo in Ai and then imported to Ae. Then recorded...
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    Fitness Logo Please Help!!

    Hi all, I have been working hours on this (don't laugh) :P I love drawing but I cannot seem to add character to anything I do. I took it upon myself to make my company logo, but I am having a hard time putting everything together. It just looks like I have 3 things one on top of another. If...
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    Cover for FB Erasmus Group

    Hello there! Whoever is interested in editing this picture is very much welcome and appreciated! The idea is to use this picture as a base for what is supposed to be the facebook cover picture of an Erasmus (University) students exchange group in Setúbal - Portugal (ocean side) Students coming...
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    Using a logo in pdf format in a poster design in Photoshop CS3

    Im designing a poster in photoshop CS3 and the client has given me his logo in a pdf file. The logo seems to be raster and high resolution in the pdf. But its not a separate image. Its sort of like a vector embedded into the pdf document. How do i extract and use this image in my photoshop...
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    Illustrator Can this be done in Illustrator?

    I have a logo that I want to place on top of a background of a distressed brick wall. I would like the logo to look as if it was painted onto the wall. I have played with the opacity, however, that is not quite what I am looking for. If there was a way to affect the opacity ONLY in the sections...
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    eSport Logo Concept

    Hey guy's.. Here's an eSport logo concept I designed, all done in Ai not Ps. All comments appreciated.
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    Help editing logo!

    Hello! Would someone be able to edit this logo (and make it bigger if possible?). I would like to add and "S" to the end to make it plural, which will require editing/extending the arc over it. I would also like to clear the image up a bit, it's pretty pixelated. I am making this for my softball...
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    Can Anyone Edit This Logo Please?

    Hi Guys, Would it be possible to convert this logo into something a bit sharper and with no white as the background? I'm new to this but i made this logo in paint and its low quality, i want to be able to enlarge it without distortion if this makes sense. Any help will be much appreciated...
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    REQUEST - Logo Modifcation for Online Community

    Hey All, I'm new here so please excuse me if I've placed this thread in the wrong area. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out, I have this Logo here that I wish to be modified and changed. Where the words "TRANS TASMAN" are I wish to have that removed and replaced with...
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    My logo Please check and help me to make it more attractive.

    Hello, My Company Name is Cartel. I am starting my event management company where we will organize parties and everything. I designed this logo. How can i make this more Professional ? Need to make more attractive. How can i do this ? Thank You in advance :)