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Need advice/help editing my logo

Heather Joleen

New Member

I just received my logo back, and I am so disappointed. I really wanted the C to mesh with the M and the tail to be curled more....it looks off. The person that I paid, wasn't listening at all so now I just need to figure it out myself. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or the ability to possibly help fix it? I am a beginner at Photoshop but I learn quickly.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Staff member
Hello Heather and welcome to PSG.

The first thing that I should mention is that you should never pay (completely) for anything until the work is done to your satisfaction. I find it a bit odd that you accepted the logo as is and paid for it before it was completed to your specifications and requirements.

You post is slightly ambiguous, you should decide whether or not you want our members to work on this for you.....or if you want us to help you work on it yourself.

If you want us to work on it for you, you have two options. You can leave your request here and hope for the best. You will have to post the original PSD file here in this thread or at least a link to a download. We have to have the file to work on.

Your other option would be to post this request in the Freelance area: https://www.photoshopgurus.com/foru...-posting-freelance-job-please-read-first.html