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  1. R

    Please change the name Harry With Hanley

    As tittle says could someone please photoshop the name Hanley in place of Harry in this photo
  2. J

    Adding someone to a group picture

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could take my friend out of one picture and into one with a group. She's the one on the left in the picture with just two people. If possible could she be on the left end of the group picture? I've tried this myself but I cant seem to figure out the lighting. Even...
  3. A

    The Darkness Beneath

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could cut the shadow figure out of its photo, place it inside the eye and fade it slightly so that it looks like the figure is looking through the eye like one would through glass? Thanks in advance!
  4. J

    How to transfer shortcuts to CC?

    I just switched from Photoshop CS6 to CC, and can't figure out how to transfer my keyboard shortcuts. Anyone know how?
  5. D

    Enhance old writing on buildings

    197 Is anyone able to enhance the text on these images to make out what it says, it is a faded building sign I can make out the first two lines as that says "Mayfield Station" and the thirdline the middle part of text says "trains to" but can anyone figure out what all the rest says, I am unable...
  6. C

    Help Making Wood Grain More Prominent In Attached Photo

    Hi All, I have researched and tested a lot trying to figure out how to do this, but haven't found anything that works so far. I am trying to make the wood grain lines in the attached photo (the center wood rectangle) pop/look darker, while still maintaining the overall color of the wood. If...
  7. B

    Trying to figure out this silky/cloudy/smokey effect

    There seems to be a new trend with colorful silky clouds (or smoke) effect I've been trying to figure out how to pull off...any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I downloaded some cloud brushes and smoke brushes but there seems to be something else going on to get the depth of color.
  8. D

    Help extending background

    Hello. I need help on how to go about extending the table/wood to fill in the blank space above the food and make the background appear seamless. If you figure this out I would love to hear your process. Thank you.
  9. C

    Can someone make this picture a silhouette

    I am trying to make a silhouette of the guy in red and the kickball so I can get it printed on a koozie for my kickball team. Preferably a black background and the figure white and the ball red. My team name is "Fresh Kicks" So if you have any ideas to make the shoes pop out please do so. Thank you!
  10. J

    Neon lights in photoshop

    How do you do this effect in photoshop? The areas circled in black. I havent been able to figure it out. Looks like neon lights to me. Any help is appreciated.
  11. R

    Need Help with Moving Layers Panel

    I accidentally did something that caused my layers panel to become un-docked. As you can see in the image below, the layers panel is now free-floating within the work area. I prefer it to be docked to the right edge but I can't figure out how to get it attached back to where it was. Anyone know...
  12. C

    How did they achieve this cut?

    Hello again! Thanks for all the help on my first post. For this one, I want to knowhow they cut the red part on the left. I have the basketball wood background I'd like to use, but am trying to figure out how to do that type of cut in Photoshop. Cheers!
  13. N

    match skin tone

    i've made those photos with different light settings. I have RAW files but can't figure out how to make skin tone look similar. how should i make it similar?
  14. N

    (NEED HELP) abstract acryl/oil painting effect

    Hello :) I'm going crazy with this one. I just can't figure out how this works :banghead: I've tried with different brushes, but I don't know how to get this fluid effect with those vibrant colours. I've been trying to figure it out for days now with no luck. I'd be thankful for ANY tips...
  15. H

    help with a design. Any help is appreciated

    I am trying to just flip the left hand side of the H down so that points are on the bottom of the H. Cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this, Appreciate any help and time spent on this as it is for my classroom
  16. M

    Advanced Photo Manipulation Request

    Hello. It's the first time I am asking for help, but I want to also learn. I am making a Website Design and I need some images reworked. Considering that I am only practicing, I don't have any quality and dedicated imagery for my purpose, so I have no other choice but to use stock images. As I...
  17. Y

    Help with Navigation?

    Hello Gurus, I am new to photoshop and can't figure something out. I opened two photos in Photoshop (each has its own tab), what I want to do is place one photo over the other but can't figure out how to move the 1st picture (tab) into the second (tab). I wish to put the first picture on a...
  18. H

    Need advice/help editing my logo

    Hello! I just received my logo back, and I am so disappointed. I really wanted the C to mesh with the M and the tail to be curled looks off. The person that I paid, wasn't listening at all so now I just need to figure it out myself. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or the...
  19. ashley1

    Need some serious help on my facebook banner!

    I am very new to Photoshop cc and need some help. A lot of things seem very off about my banner. I wanted the letters to look like they are flying out, but can't figure it out. If you have any suggestions on how to better this, please tell me. : ) Thank you!
  20. O

    How did I do this?!

    I am a very casual photoshop user I'd say and am using cs2. I seem to have most of the features any tutorial asks me to use. I made a cartoon-like image from a picture I had using a tutorial about a year ago and I can't figure out how to replicate it. I know how to use the magnetic lasso...