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Advanced Photo Manipulation Request

Hello. It's the first time I am asking for help, but I want to also learn. I am making a Website Design and I need some images reworked. Considering that I am only practicing, I don't have any quality and dedicated imagery for my purpose, so I have no other choice but to use stock images. As I can't really find what I want, I need to mix up images. I've tried myself but I just can't get the hang of how to synchronize image colors, shadows and light tones, so that it doesn't look as a fake. I am asking for help both to have the images edited, mixed, and nicely synchronize, but I also want to know how you did it, and what tools you used. I am interested in knowing how you can figure out which colors to set, to what so that they look like they're part of the same image. Okay, so what I want is the following.
1. Place the vehicle coming on the road, as if it drives towards the photographer, add mud and synchronize the shadows and colors. Delete the license plate address also.


2. Place the car (rotate it) somewhere coming from the hill down. The vehicle is a Romanian Dacia Duster, feel free to search for another image of it in case the ones I gave you aren't acceptable.


And for the second one, add that light yellow effect on the image as in this picture below. Mine is also for a video that's supposed to start and the picture is like a thumbnail.

That's everything. Most importantly, tell me everything about how you did the changes, what tools you used, and how did you figure out how much or less you needed of this or that. Please, I beg you. I really want to learn all this stuff so that I could do it myself one day.