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Help with Navigation?


Hello Gurus,

I am new to photoshop and can't figure something out. I opened two photos in Photoshop (each has its own tab), what I want to do is place one photo over the other but can't figure out how to move the 1st picture (tab) into the second (tab). I wish to put the first picture on a layer over the 2nd picture and use the eraser tool to blend them together but can't figure out how to get them together in the same tab.

I hope this makes sense, I am using Ps CC 2015.5

Thank you for any help on this.
Pretty simple...

Have both documents open. (In tabs)
Select the 'Move' tool.
Make the document you want to move 'Active', and select the layer within it to move.
With the 'Move' tool, click on the image (canvas) and drag it to the OTHER DOCUMENT TAB.....WAIT....
...the other document will open and you can DROP the image onto it.

If you HOLD 'SHIFT' at the same time the image will drop in the center of the document.

So...CLICK, DRAG (onto other tab), WAIT (don't release mouse yet!), drop onto opened other doc.

As a suggestion.....NEVER use the 'Eraser' tool......use a 'Layer Mask' instead...its non-destructive.
(You can google layer masks if you've never used them before)

Thank you MrTom I didn't wait long enough when I dragged it to the tab I wanted it in. And yes I used the eraser tool on a separate layer so as not to ruin the original (background layer).