1. A

    Resizing Blending Options Tab

    Hey, new to this website. I was just wondering if there was anyway to resize this "blending options" tab. There's no resizing arrows on the side of it. It'd be much easier to use if I was able to see the image as I was using blending options on it. Thanks.
  2. Y

    Help with Navigation?

    Hello Gurus, I am new to photoshop and can't figure something out. I opened two photos in Photoshop (each has its own tab), what I want to do is place one photo over the other but can't figure out how to move the 1st picture (tab) into the second (tab). I wish to put the first picture on a...
  3. S

    Photoshop Shark Photo

    Hello Photoshop Community, I currently have a much lower version of Adobe Photoshop and can't upgrade since I only have Windows XP. It will bog down my computer if I upgrade. Would anyone be kind enough to photoshop my picture for me? Please make the shark larger and longer (like a...
  4. S

    Shadows & Highlights in Camera Raw filter....

    Hello, Quick question! I have been using camera raw to edit the shadows and highlights values of an image. But I need to recreate this outside of camera raw so I can apply it via a colour lookup table to multiple images. The option via Image/Adjustments/Shadows Highlights hasn't given me the...
  5. B

    Photoshop CC inteface PROBLEM

    Hi Guys, I got problem here with Photoshop cc interface. Everytime I open the file it shows on my "windows tab". I dont want them there. I want them in "photoshop". I know I can change it but then they wont flow in photoshop but they will be tab bar near ps menu bars. Thanks!
  6. N

    Help needed with a Photoshop 3D effect.

    Make me an action that replicates this 3D effect using only the bevel & emboss and other things. But dont use the 3D Panel or 3D Tab
  7. P

    how to insert a picture into another picture in photoshop

    Hello, I search in google about this problem and there are solutions about this problem but I am not successful. I open an image by new tab and also I open other image by other new tab in photoshop. now, I want to cropping and of course to insert the part of the first image in first tab into...
  8. MrToM

    PS CC 2014 tab Info...

    Short and sweet this one... Is it possible to remove the layer name from the active document tab? When I have a text layer selected the whole text is displayed in the tab meaning the tab can be as wide as the whole workspace! (Which is right PITA when you have more than 1 document open)...
  9. C

    Tab Color issue

    This is my first time making a site with tabs. I thought I could create each page with a colored tab for the selected page in Photoshop then upload each pages html and images and the tab color would change w/ each selected page. Was I correct in thinking this? I have also been having problems...