1. K


    Hello guys can anyone help me to change the colour of the knife's handle in the 2nd pic become exactly same as the 1st pic's .thank you Knife https://imgur.com/gallery/849fD
  2. J

    Help with a background image

    I need some help. Im trying to create a background similar to this one but I need help on two questions. Can anyone tell me what was done to the background images to get them to look like this? 2nd questions the dark blue on the left and right how was that done? Thank you in advance
  3. Y

    Help with Navigation?

    Hello Gurus, I am new to photoshop and can't figure something out. I opened two photos in Photoshop (each has its own tab), what I want to do is place one photo over the other but can't figure out how to move the 1st picture (tab) into the second (tab). I wish to put the first picture on a...
  4. 1

    I am new, My name is Liz from Richmond VA

    In the first photo I want it to be a modest photo, If there is anyway to make it look like I am wearing a shirt. Something to cover my stomach, (My arms, back, and bikini top showing is okay.
  5. Hoogle

    2nd part of framing techniques borders,frames and 3d effect

    here is the 2nd instalment of my framing tips
  6. J

    How to show the 2nd layers stiching

    Here is the original template I think the answer lies in here as you can select layers and add colour without covering the stiching. If we can apply the same technique to Mario then it should work
  7. J

    How to show the 2nd layers stiching

    Hi im looking for some help. What I want to do is allow the stiching on the shoe layer to show threw on the Mario layer, without losing any opacity. If you look at the luigi picture this is how I want the Mario picture to looks like. I am unsure of what technique is used. Any help appreciated