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  1. J

    Transparent background

    Hello, After multiple tests, video, research,.... I still can't remove the background (the black squares) to make it a transparent background while keeping the blue particles with the smoke 😕. (I'm a beginner 😅) Thanks. ^^
  2. C

    Specific Removing shadows

    Hey! I need an edit to remove the shadows from the picture. I would like it to look natural in the end :)
  3. B

    Creative need miracle ps guru's help

    hi i need my picture to be edited like the sample in either black or white background. i don't have any particular idea what it should look like, just work some miracle and make it look completely mind blowing and beautiful. or just like the sample would be appreciated. thanks in advance best...
  4. L

    Specific Hawaiian Scenery help!

    Dear Photoshop Guru's! I need some help putting these pictures together from my travelling! I have these two pictures, that I need merging into one. The first picture has me smiling and facing the camera, however the second picture has the better view but me turning away. Just wondering if it...
  5. J

    Could someone please photoshop these pictures together??

    If anyone could possibly photoshop these two pictures together I would highly appreciate it. I wish to have the lady in the first picture put in where the lady is in the second. Erasing the lady in the second picture, i dont want her in it.
  6. L

    Can someone make this picture more clear?

    can someone make this picture more clear please, thank you!
  7. F

    Combining two pictures

    Hi and thank you for looking at my thread! There are two pictures that I would like combined. and (or ) Basically, I'd like the final result to be similar to the first picture. However, the lion needs to be replaced with the pony and "KIA" needs to be changed to "REKRZ". The colours need to...
  8. R

    Wedding photo

    Hi, my husband and I will be celebrating 14 year anniversary and looking back every wedding picture we have is horrible. I'm either looking the other way, hes not smiling, I'm looking closed eye, he's smiling... etc. I found a pic where I the bride look decent and him the groom look decent. Is...
  9. G

    Photoshop request - phone wallpaper

    Hey guys, I find this awesome T-shirt with a picture crossovering my favourite shows and I thought, that it would be really cool wallpaper for my phone, however I can't find the original picture anywhere. The only thing I was able to find was the Rick-Gyarados Would any of you be so kind and...
  10. L

    can some fix the angle and photoshop persons head

    Someone who can make this picture look straight please .
  11. L

    Can someone help me with this kissing picture please

    Not sure if its possible but wanted to try and see if someone could do it, i look this picture at my friends wedding and they kissed so fast i wasnt able to capture the actual kiss. can someone photoshop them kissing?
  12. E

    Please can someone photoshop my engagement picture

    Please can someone remove the deck chairs from my engagement picture? My lovely boyfriend did an amazing job proposing but I would just love a version with out them there if anyone could help please!
  13. T

    Taylor Falls landscape touch up help needed

    Hi all I took this picture on my last holiday to see my brother in Minnesota and took a panoramic picture at Taylor falls. The only isssue is on the right hand side of the picture the sun hit the lens and seems to have made the trees/ river area really dull, instead of vibrant like the rest of...
  14. X

    Scale Question

    Hello, I work at an art gallery and I've had a couple years of photoshop experience through designing ads and personal use. I'm having difficulty with this though. I was given the task of figuring out how we can photoshop in one of our paintings onto a room stock image (or a picture of a...
  15. H

    art picture eyes color change

    Hello guys,is it possible to change the eyes on the picture to blue and the brown background down if can be made the same as the one above,so there be no circled line or edit it in a way you feel it will be the best.Thank you and cheers.
  16. T

    Editing this picture

    i'm new here so if there's something wrong sorry :) need someone to copy all text + same fonts and everything to this picture ( please change the Sponser to Sponsor ) from this picture to the bottom one IMAGES REMOVED. thanks :cool2:
  17. M

    Could someone photoshop this photo of me,my dad and Stan Lee

    Please remove my dad so I can have a photo with just me and Stan (the one in the middle) also please make a little closer to him but without messing up the picture quality by making it blurry or super pixelated and also please make the black bars go away
  18. C

    Picture cutting out strategy

    Hello, I found a lot of recipes regarding cutting out pictures, but I can't find basic principle of doing that. What kind of tools might be used? What are stages and strategies of doing that? Additionally I would like to ask how to cut out picture that is placed on white background on the...
  19. G

    Can some one help me with this effect?

    First time to this forum. Hope I am using it correctly. I am trying to create the effect illustrated in the picture below. Although I want to slightly roll all 4 corners, with the emphasis on the left and right edges of the picture. The goal is to give the picture a slight cupped looked as...
  20. M

    Can someone please put these 3 together?

    I want it to look like that all stood together when the picture taken The middle one: Left of him: (Only Ronaldo who is the left one in the pic) Right of the middle one: