1. V

    Picture Color Theme?

    Hello everyone, that is my first post. This is a photo with the color scheme I want to have. cold blue and red stylish thing... I play in a band and we want to make our hole pictures in that look above. I know, that it also depends on the photo, but maybe you can achieve that look in...
  2. T


    Can someone pls photoshop a good sized musky in this picture
  3. C

    Need help stretching a picture frame to rectangle.

    Hi, I have the following problem: My dad is a professional photographer, he mostly shoots pictures for galleries. He then -- using Photoshop -- selects and crops the actual picture the gallery needs (there is always some background by the sides). This is in general not rectangle area since...
  4. R

    moving out of picture

    hello im attempting to move myselkf out of the rest of the picture that way i can edit or add effects and then add my self back in un-altered, appreciate any assistance
  5. Azulnauta

    Transform picture into drawing

    Hello, is there a way to use this image: and turn into a drawing like this ones? I know its a different and very rectangular type of machine, but.... :)
  6. P

    Please photoshop these images together

    Sorry for another request so soon (I'm working on a D&D campaign) but I need help making another character Could you please attach the head/face of this following picture and replace the one in this picture while adding this sword to his right hand and the sheathe to his left (or just...
  7. Eggy

    Challenge #52: harvest time

    Time for a new challenge, #52, and I am responsible for making you all to use your creative minds and abilities. This was made possible by @fredfish with his great challenge. You all remember spring time, a time of new life. Well, the seeds and little plants have been planted and were growing...
  8. Helloitsrachg

    Please put us together in one photo

    Hi, I would really love if someone could please help me out by putting my friend and I together in the flowers. Would you also make us the same size (since one picture is more zoomed in)? Thank you!
  9. Mootaz24

    hello i want help in creating....

    hello i want help in creating a military patch picture this is the real picture: This is anther picture to the patch but not HQ and if possible i want the word to be GFS or if your computer support Arabic this words " فيلق القوات الخاصة " which translate into the GFS in French
  10. I

    Can someone remove my earphone from the picture ? :)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any one could help me to remove the earphone on this picture! Thanks guys !
  11. B

    Photo Edit Request ($10)

    I have a photo request but didn't put it in free request section because I don't want to upload the picture publically. Essentially the problem is a man's fist is blurred - probably because he moved it while the picture was being taken. Is there ANYWAY this can be fixed at all it's really...
  12. C

    Can someone add Jennifer Lopez to this picture of two girls?

    I don't know if it's doable, but I'd love to have Jennifer Lopez next to those two girls with a similar angle to her face. The background doesn't have to remain the same. Here's a picture of Jennifer Lopez that could sort of work, but I'm not picky about what picture of her is used. My two...
  13. J

    Please could someone help me remove the girl and put me in the picture

    Please could someone help me remove the girl and put me instead the first picture. I want to be in similar position to her. Many thanks.
  14. N

    Water Drops on Lenses

    Could someone please remove the water drops that are on the camera in this picture, Thank you so much!! // if anyone else also wanted to add some realistic but cool fixes / improvements, I wouldn't be opposed! ;)
  15. mike998

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me $15.00

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me look at the picture to see what I want .
  16. I

    Help bring this picture to life?

    Hey, could anyone please help bring this picture to life? I took it with a friend using an online game with digital avatars, I think it has the potential to be a pretty picture but it's lacking something, atmosphere, I'm not sure. I'm not savvy when it comes to photoshop so I would really...
  17. Taylor Ott

    Need help defining picture

    Hello, I need help defining this picture if you would kindly feel to do so. I need the baby in the pool to seem more like she is actually on the water in the baby pool. i need the babies face to be able to be more clear and seen better, but also blending in well with the rest of the picture...
  18. A

    Remove the trash from my picture

    Hello guys, I'd love to have the two trashes in my picture removed. Thank you :wink:
  19. P

    Creepy hands under skin

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone know a solution for combining texture of one photo in to another. I was trying to make a look alike picture as IMG_0545 . It looks like there are hands under the skin. I have tried to get the same results by combining picture 'IMG_0546.jpg' with...
  20. T

    Photo removal and replacement individual [$10]

    Please photoshop me (asian guy) into this picture of my girlfriends family at the beach Please adjust my body to the shadow from the umbrella and proportion my body to match the rest of the people in the picture. If possible make it as realistic as possible in which it looks as if I was in the...