1. A

    Daughter's Birthday

    Hello all! My daughter recently had her quinceanera (15th birthday) and unfortunately I did rain quite a bit before the photos. Although I think she looked like a princess, she was upset that the damp weather made the curls in her hair come out. Could anyone please help improve her hair & this...
  2. C

    Please Remove shirtless guy behind me

    Hello! I would like this guy behind me removed from the picture or the couple behind me if needed. I really appreciate it!
  3. C

    Can someone photoshop an actual balloon of a hot air balloon on this picture for me?

    If someone can add a balloon to this picture that would be awesome. Thanks!!
  4. S

    Need help with grandchildren picture.

    Had a recent birthday party for the lad in the middle. Took about 10 shots, all are special but none are perfect. If someone would be so kind to use the 1st picture as the template, and on the second picture clone the faces of the 1st girl on left and the middle boy (birthday boy) onto the 1st...
  5. I

    Remove someone from a picture ?

    Hi guys, Just being curious but can any one try to remove the girl on the front of the picture ? Or maybe just the head so I can crop better the picture ? I know It's not going to be easy because of the low resolution or maybe even impossible... Anyway let me know :)
  6. A


    Hello! I was wondering if someone could make the Alycia Debnam Carey photo included below black and white, then put the Slytherin crest over the top but slightly faded so you can still see Alycia in the background? Kind of like a watermark of sorts. I don't really mind where the Slytherin crest...
  7. V

    Please help removing my hand and iPod

    I don't know why but I really find that my hand and iPod ruin the picture, it'd be really appreciated if someone could get rid of them. Also, if it's not too much to ask, could someone also remove the picture frame? Removing the picture frame really isn't necessary but I'd like the background to...
  8. U

    Colored and even picture

    Hi guys! I just need your help restoring the picture. Can we make this colored and make it even? I've edited the guy on the far right. I just want it to become realistic and don't look edited. Appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  9. Y

    Can someone photoshop this picture

    Please replace Niall Horan (the boy) with my picture and make it realistic like Demi Lovato is actually kissing me. Thanks in advanced.
  10. H

    Can somebody make me bald?

    Hi all, I would like to shave my hairs but I want to know it it's ok or not... Can somebody make me bald on this picture please? Thanks in advance
  11. T

    Photoshop the Text out of this Picture

    Can Someone Photoshop the Text out of this Picture Please Hi! I need some help with this photo. It would be great if someone could remove all the text from it, leaving just the picture. I tried (and failed miserably), so I was hoping someone actually skilled could help me, haha! So please and...
  12. F

    Marriage Proposal Edit Background request

    Hi, I proposed to my then fiancee in Beijing. Originally planned it to happen in great wall but things didn't go as planned. is it possible to use our picture with the marry me shirt and use the greatwall as background?
  13. W

    Make me smile in the photo

    OK. I know it's a bit of an odd request, but I'm hoping someone here could help me make my portrait better? I look too serious/innocent/creepy in the picture so I'd like it if you can photoshop my smile? Also, please make my white top a little less baggy. thanks
  14. F

    How does Brandon achieve this type of editing?

    Hi Everyone, I was recently browsing Instagram and stumbled upon Brandon Woelfel's page and saw this before and after picture he posted. How does he achieve this type of editing/effect? Thanks, Faraaz
  15. E

    Picture editing

    Hi Guys, I'm have to edit some pictures in photoshop, but I have no idea how to get the result I want. Hope someone here can help. I'm gonna post the picture i need to edit, and pictures to show want I want. First picture is my own picture. But I really wanna make the bridge more dark and...
  16. DearStupid

    Editing picture taken from a screen

    Hello, everyone :) I want to edit a picture which was taken from a screen (my niece's picture from a photo booth's screen that we couldn't print) but I have absolutely no idea how to start restoring it. I was wondering if anyone knew where I should start? Thank you in advance!
  17. E

    Please remove face shadow, thank you!

    Hello, This week, I met one of my favorite artists and I took a picture with him and everything, but due to the lighting in the event, my phone casted a shadow on my face and practically ruined the picture. Therefore, I would like to see if someone can help me with removing said shadow, so that...
  18. S

    Align and center

    Hi Guys, I am curious, how do I align a certain layer within a selected area? I've been using the ruler, but I'd rather find a way to align the image within a certain area of the overall picture. Here is an example: I'd like the skull in the center of the left template area.
  19. M

    Fix an old damaged picture

    Hi- can someone help me fix this over-expossed/damaged old picture please?
  20. D

    Can you please help me edit this picture?

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you :) Can you please help me remove the 3 plates in the picture and also the lady in the back? I'm sorry I don't know how to rotate picture in this post... Thank you so much :D