1. M

    School Project Request

    Can someone please Photoshop our logo onto those gloves in the picture below after removing the holes. I am very bad at Photoshop and I am unable to complete this task myself. Thank You Very Much
  2. D

    Converting Picture to Stylized Line Drawing

    About 4 years ago I made a teeshirt of a friend for an event we were having. I can't remember the process I used to convert a picture to a stylized line drawing and am looking for some assistance. This first picture was the first step in the process on one of the images I worked with...
  3. N

    Perd Hapley

    Hello all. Im trying to put this picture on a coffee mug, so I can give my GF a mug just like they have on the TV show Parks and Recreation. But I want the orange/yellow background removed, and just have it be a plain white background. Also want the words "there you have it, where it is the...
  4. Matt8444

    A quick head swap

    Hello, The family picture my eldest son isn't really engaging with the camera (I've no idea why it's been uploaded upside down :question:) If anyone can help me I'm just after a simple head swap with the second picture I've uploaded. Any help much appreciated Kind Regards :thumbsup:
  5. B

    Put Picture inside picture

    I need for someone to insert containers or food items into the black bag using the second bag as an example.
  6. J

    Invisible filters

    Hi I have used a few filters on the layer. I would like to see them in the layers window as shown in this picture. How to do it? Regards
  7. S

    Can someone photoshop a Rifles cap badge on a poppy?

    I would like a rifles cap badge photo shopped onto a poppy if possible. (picture 1 + picture 2 to look similar to picture 3)
  8. M

    Background change please.

    Hiya. Can someone please change this picture so that it looks like the couple are maybe sitting on a bench somewhere pretty watching the sunset. It's a really sentimental picture which I want to get printed on a canvas for a close friend and I know it would melt her heart. Any help is very much...
  9. M

    Could anyone fix the colour on my face?

    Hi, if it would be possible i want to balance the colour on my face in this picture it looks unnatural as it is thanks in advance!
  10. N

    Hey! I need my face edited please

    The thing is that I have this picture with a friend and I want to upload it but do not feel that I look okay and l would like some arrangements in my face and maybe my ears. I'd appreciate a lot! What I need is a little to open my eyes, my mouth I don't know if you see that you need to fix or do...
  11. L

    Please edit me and my boyfriend out of this picture.

    Is it possible for me and my boyfriend to be edited out of this picture so JUST the door is showing? So there's no people in the picture, just the background/door. Thanks!
  12. R

    Can someone remove people from photo?

    Hi all :thumbsup: Could someone please be able to remove the four people leaning on the ledge on the right hand side of the picture? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. O

    Request - I need a profile picture / avatar. Majestic lion xD

    Hey guys, I really need a new profile picture / avatar. I want a drawing of a lion, possibly roaring. It's really up to you. I want the lion to have a crown if possible. I have posted a few images of what I use at the moment and I love these photos. But I want to mix it up. I want the...
  14. T

    Simple photoshop request?

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if someone would be willing to photoshop the color of my wheels on this picture to a gold color for me. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. E

    Remove chain and make image like tattoo sketch.

    Good day . I am not actually photoshop professional and looking for someone to do this for me.. It's possible to make first tattoo picture like one whole picture and make it like tattoo sketch ? If it's not possible , can someone remove chain and make crying face the same like at the first...
  16. C

    University project

    Hi, I need to make an ad for university followed by a report on that ad… I’m struggling with making the ad, as I have something pictured in my head but can’t quite realise it real life… I’m making an ad for Skittles in Singapore, by incorporating the product into a national icon, the...
  17. D

    Can someone please make a face texture for WWE 2K17?

    Hello, I've been trying to use my own face to upload on a custom WWE character so I can actually use myself in the career mode. I've been trying to use a picture to do it, but it came out terrible (not just because my face is terrible :P) I was hoping someone could make a face texture...
  18. I

    Can someone please put me in Back To The future 3 clock picture

    Hello! I went to a special Back To The Future 3 event where you could take a picture in front of the famous clock. I'm the guy on the left. Can someone please put me in the movie as Marty? Thanks a lot!