1. G

    Anybody know how to get the streak/lightning/fire effects in this picture?

    Anybody know how to get these effects? Any packs with them in it?
  2. Demented Dave

    My brother passed need help with photo

    I would be very grateful if anyone can photoshop a photo of my brother who lost his battle with prostate cancer on 12/03/2016 The picture that I chose is my brother on a motorcycle, I would like the background removed, the picture quality is not that good + it's some of the lower part of bike...
  3. C

    Napoleon on an Aprilia

    Hi guys! I'm new here and I hope I'm not asking for something too crazy but I would love it if someone could replace the horse Napoleon is riding in the picture below with the Aprilia RSV4 I'm attaching. Would be cool if it looks like he is doing a wheelie with the motorcycle in the end...
  4. Pipsmom

    I've lost my stride, need advice

    I've worked on this for three days off and on..I think I got it something like.... yeah I like that..... then next day I reopen and hate it..its fake, over worked I'm over lightening, over sharpening, blurring detail, blowing highlights...You name the mistake and I've made it ...grrrrr ...
  5. P

    need help with a few pictures

    Hi Folks Im looking for if possible 2 ppl putting in the same picture from 2 different pictures but not sure if this is possible, if it is then can someone please advice of costs please as need doing soon thanks folks
  6. Y

    Can someone edit the girl on the left out of the picture?

    http://i.imgur.com/NolK0AS.jpg This is at a college tailgate. I want it to be the full picture (not cropped) just with the girl on the left taken out of it! I also want it to look as natural and unphotoshopped as possible, as if it were taken originally with just the girl on the right in the...
  7. Shamm68

    Creating a Gift Card

    Good morning all My first post and many thanks for the use of this forum I have a friend who has bought his father a ticket to see ELO at Wembley Arena next year and he aske me could i design a card to put the tickets inside. This picture I have chosen is this Now I cannot fold this in...
  8. R

    Need person added to picture

    Could you add the gent with the red arrow (Team1) files to the group picture (FullSizeRender1) file. Took the picture without him...opps!! :)
  9. R

    Festive Jon Snow

    Can some on add festive lights on to this picture please and thank you
  10. G

    Superimpose faces

    Hi could someone please photoshop the 2 faces of the ladies on these pictures https://m.imgur.com/gallery/RabbJ onto the faces of a picture of Cissie and Ada please? https://m.imgur.com/gallery/AnTmK The lady with the glasses needs to go on Ada (the one in rollers) and the other lady onto the...
  11. H


    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could photoshop the girl with the pink dress in the first picture into the second picture and to remove the same girl from the second picture? So basically to replace the girl in the second picture with the girl from the first picture. I hope you guys know what...
  12. R

    Can you turn a motorcross into a reindeer?

    Hi everyone - Christmas greetings from the UK. Next week is our annual get together and in my secret Santa I have chosen a friend who loves moto cross. I'd like to change a photo that I can print off. I have a picture of him on his motorbike but would like to see that changed to him riding a...
  13. M

    Someone More Experienced - Can I please get some help real quick?

    I'm in the process of learning Photoshop. I have the basics, however I'm having trouble with one thing. I have a PSD Template that I'm using to create a flyer with for my small business (Lawn Service.) I want to change the banner at the top from the wood to grass. I'm going to see if I can...
  14. P

    Remove harsh lighting from picture

    Hello, I realized I took this picture wrong and decided to retake it with a light tent but have a feeling I still may have a problem with glare as I have in other photos. I have two 100 watt photography lights. Is there a way to remove the glare from photos easier than the clone stamp tool and...
  15. S

    Combine Pictures Together

    Could anyone add the picture of the old man/boy to the picture with the two girls? Or add the older wonder woman girl to the pic of the babies? We are trying to make a Christmas blanket and would like all the kids in one pic. Thank you!
  16. S

    Christmas blanket help

    Can someone please help make this picture a little better for a blanket for Christmas? I would like the pup to be centered in the picture and the picture to have one solid background/design. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Zandoras

    Add a person on a picture

    Hi all, I would like to give my little cousin a personalized gift for christmas so I wondered if someone could add my little cousin on the "Rebel" picture instade of the little kid already on the picture :) My cousin : The "Rebel" picture :
  18. M

    Hello guy new member needs your help

    Hello everyone, firstly I hope ive come to the right place. I don't have the first clue about photoshop but I would like to start to learning soon, but before I do I would love some help from you guys. this is a picture of my dog Tess when she was a puppy. she is a boarder collie. I would love...
  19. J

    Please photoshop this pic of me, my FACE looks so WEIRD

    Hello, I've had this picture of myself taken by a photographer. I really like the picture, my outfit, the background, my position, but... I can't show it to anyone with such a face on it, though ! I don't care about my eyes closed or the skin folds on my neck. There's just something about my...
  20. R

    Picture edit

    Hi guys. I hope someone can help me with this request. Could you possibly remove the background in this picture please? Could I have either a dark or light, plain background (or whatever you think would look better). Thanks in advance.