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Hello guy new member needs your help


New Member
tesspup.png Hello everyone, firstly I hope ive come to the right place. I don't have the first clue about photoshop but I would like to start to learning soon, but before I do I would love some help from you guys.
this is a picture of my dog Tess when she was a puppy. she is a boarder collie. I would love this photo to go on our wall for a Christmas present for my wife from the dog.
its a great picture of her but I feel its too dark.
is there anyone out that can help me or direct me towards help?
I would like to change the backgroup to a light pastel colour.
maybe start with white then fade out to red or green background.
if this photo is not clear enough. I could always email the photograph to someone willing to help.
I know my wife would love it

thank you
wow thank you very much
really appreciate it.
think I'm going to try get the red one blown up on a canvas.
can I ask what software you use for photoshop as I would like to learn how to use it
Thank you Gedstar for quick reply, I have one last request.
can anyone help me reduce the size of the picture red background please.
I'm trying to apply it to a canvas that is size of 16"X24" on portrait.
if I try with current photo I have to lose the paws =[