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  1. S


    Is there any way someone can help me make the background transparent? It's very hard to because of my friends hair, I tried using the lasso tool, refine edge, pen tool, quick selection and changing the background on a new layer. I have no idea how to fix it from here is there anyway anyone can...
  2. P

    Hollywood Sign - remove structure

    Hello, Could someone please remove the structure in the top right corner? I've tried, but cannot cover it with a blue that matches. I do not have Photoshop, but can usually do stuff like this with "paint", but it just doesn't look right when I do it. Thank you!
  3. J

    Request to photoshop photo and make it great:)

    Help to photoshop photo and make it great:) Hello, can someone photoshop my photo into black and white, try to remove titles from backgroud or add cooler backgroud like gala party, or something that look authentic. Its my birthday photo wanna make it special. Any help is welcome. Thanks im...
  4. M

    Hello guy new member needs your help

    Hello everyone, firstly I hope ive come to the right place. I don't have the first clue about photoshop but I would like to start to learning soon, but before I do I would love some help from you guys. this is a picture of my dog Tess when she was a puppy. she is a boarder collie. I would love...
  5. dapuglet

    Is it possible to hide the ugly backround with more grass? Help appreciated. Thanks

    This is one of my favorite photos of our pug Moe-Moe. Sadly, he passed away this past June. I love this photo of him and wanted to get it framed, but I hate the ugly background above him. I was wondering if it's possible to cover it with more grass? So that he is totally surrounded by the lawn...
  6. C

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi all! I am in the process of making t-shirts for one of my friends and ran into a little snag when it came to uploading the pictures - I'm really bad at Photoshop! If somebody would please help me, that'd be great as I'm trying to get these done ASAP! The only thing I need is all of the...
  7. C

    Photo touch-up help

    So I took this photo of my brother and his niece. And was wondering if someone could help by editing the background out, and making the whole thing look more intimate. Maybe even a little epic? Thanks!
  8. E

    (request) help me look as hot as photosho-possible

    Hello Gurus, I've taken a few pictures to cheer up my lonely friend but I have spent all the money in the studio and have to wait until I get paid again to reward someone for their efforts. You have total freedom with what you do, I just need to look sexy and was hoping for an interesting...