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  1. P

    Specific Make Biceps Tense?

    So the bar was racked and there’s no flexion/tension in my arms because I wasn’t actually holding it up. Any chance it’s possible to make it look like I’m actually pressing a weight by adding texture to mh biceps? Not trying to look jacked, just “firm”. Not sure if that makes sense haha. Any...
  2. R

    Paid $100 to best submission. For a Christmas Card. Im a gunsmith and an arms dealer.

    I would like the fences in the background removed. In original resolution. If you can make it look prettier for a Christmas card cover it would also be appreciated
  3. A

    Specific Photoshop a crown on my dog

    Heyy I need help in photoshopping a crown on my dog's head. Would really appreciate it if this can be done ASAP. I'm attaching a photo of my dog and also some preferred crown images. You could use whichever looks more realistic, or if you find a better crown image you could use that as well...
  4. C

    Specific Simple Manipulation

    See the sample pic.. Dog as superman.. Do the same as superman and some other superheroes as per your wish for the following two puppies. Thanks
  5. A

    Specific My last pic about my dog

    Hey guys. This is the last picture about my doggo before he walked through the rainbow bridge. Please somebody make his fav bowl uncracked and a bit cleaner. It would mean a whole world to me. Thank you in advance❤️
  6. B

    Specific Memorial photo for family dog - Please remove pole

    Hi there, Our beloved Labrador, Rocky, passed away on Tuesday this week. The whole family is heartbroken but especially my dad as they had such a strong bond. I'd really like to combine a photo with a pawprint I have of his, but in the photo I want to use there is a pole partially blocking my...
  7. V

    Specific Fun one

    Hey folks My brothers puppy (A little westie) is refusing to come indoors when he's called. To me he looks like a badass hanging out on a street corner :cool: I was hoping someone could make him a little ghetto style dog. Maybe some graffiti on the walls and a crips/bloods style bandana etc
  8. O

    Specific Make my Dogter look as pretty as she feels.

    Just looking to make the grass greener and hide the burnt patches. Id also like her chest scars from her anxiety induced scratching to be covered like she has fur there. If at all possible i think a nice blue sky would make this picture complete. Thank you!!
  9. S

    Specific Rug tag!

    Can someone please photoshop the rug tag out of the picture! My girlfriend wants to post this but she is very particular. You can ALSO photoshop funny things with the dog as well if you want as well. Corgi :)
  10. K

    Specific Help please

    Hi, first of all thank you for the service you provide! I want to make a tattoo of my dog but I can’t get it right. I want to do the photo with the paw but with my dog inside, wich means I wanted the eyes a little darker and “sweater” and the nose a little rounder. I love the way it’s drawn I...
  11. R

    Creative Dogs head on mans body

    Can someone please help me put my friends dogs head onto this mans body and make it look like part of the painting? Choose from any of the dogs heads in photos. Thank you!
  12. P

    Specific Change of background

    Would it be possible for anyone to change the background of my new puppy. Photoshop him into something more modern or just be creative or maybe even on a white stool 😁. Could you please include the words ‘happy birthday’ as he is for a surprise present! Thanks in advance guys
  13. R

    Hi guy can you help?

    Hi, my dog died last year and a few people were kind enough to photo shop him with wings in the clouds. It came out beautifil and my kids loved it. Now my cousins dog Puff passed away yesterday leaving behind 4 grieving kids. Can anyone make puff a angel in the clouds? I know it would bring a...
  14. J

    Dog Fur Help

    Hello! I am new to the site and I am looking for some help with the attached photo. My poor dog recently passed away from a brain tumour. This photo was taken shortly after we found out about the tumour via a biopsy and as you can see, the biopsy left him with a bald patch. We planned on...
  15. M

    [Specific] Make the denim stripe for more with the dog, without changing the dog.

    Maybe make it more 3D? Ignore the top black stripe.
  16. B

    remove woman from background

    i would be so grateful to anyone who can remove the woman from this photo. this is a photo of my dog who is no longer living and i dont have many pictures of her. i would love to have this one without the person distracting from my dog. thank you
  17. W

    Request: Please create a logo for my new Dog Grooming Business

    Hi!! I am opening my new Dog Grooming Business and I have the name and the idea for the logo , I have attached the picture I would like to be used as a sample. 1 ; Change the font of the name . the name will be the same. 2; On the background I would like bubbles bath 3 : Swap the dog paw to...
  18. O

    Remove the cows from this photo?

    Hi, i was wondering if it is at all possible to remove the cows from this image of a street in London during WW2. The people are fine, and so is the dog, but i would really appreciate it if the cows could be taken out. Thanks
  19. P

    Photoshop these people together

    It's my friend's birthday and I wanted to gift him a photo of him and his father. Included are a photo of the father on a beach, and a photo of me and my friend(he's the one in white), and also an example of how I'd like them to be positioned, but you don't have to do it like that. Thanks...
  20. R

    Birthday Present Request

    My girlfriend's 40th is coming up. She adores our dog, Digby, and so for one of her birthday treats I'd like to get her a print of a film poster for "Digby The Biggest Dog In The World", with the erstwhile Digby replaced with our much cuter dog. The best version of the movie poster I can find...