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  1. D

    I'm a total Newb at photo shop and I wanna make a good B-Day card for my dad.

    I need to photo shop this picture for my dad. Its for his b-day. I want to edit a picture of a "Hoe" in it. Like a farmers Hoe. And have happy b-day from you bitches and Hoes. The bitch is my dog and the Hoe being a farmers hoe... \/ \/ \/:lol:Here's the photo!:lol: \/ \/ \/...
  2. L

    [Request] Can someone awsome photoshop a superman cape on this dog!! Please

    My sister is having a birthday and she adores her dog i would like to make a poster for her but not just a plain poster , i want to make a poster full of epicness and awsomness so i need your help to photoshop a superman or a batman cape on this dog ! I would be very greatful...
  3. M

    kid with dog .. work required.

    my sisters kid.... id want the kids tattoo removed . and put in a nice back round in oils.. i really do love the work you guys do , and the time spent making guys like myself happy ... cheers again in advance. if i can be of any assastance . i work for dell.. and id gladly donate my...
  4. Paul

    Devil dog

    I used to own a English bull terrier, lovely dog lovely breed, but the image is of the dog of the dead so i give you the original occult dog goat.