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  1. R

    Photo shop dog

    Hi today is the one year anniversary of my dog Riley's passing. My kids miss him terribly. Can someone photo shop him with angel wings maybe with a halo in the clouds. Possibly also make his pupils black too!Thank you
  2. A

    Adding a dog

    Can someone please add the brown dog next to our two dogs? We want to prank our mother about buying another dog. :) I need that dog: Next to our two dogs here: Their size should be about the same. :) I know that second picture is not perfect, but it will be ok for phone message, quality is...
  3. M

    Bevel&Emboss effect on silhouette *HELP*

    Hey everyone, Thanks for swinging by my thread! I have been working on a design that will go on a sign for the company I work for. I had followed some tutorials for what I have so far. I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it is turning out! I really like the gold letters, now i just...
  4. P

    Add Smile to my Dog

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone would be able to add a human-like smile to my dog? A year or two ago I had a similar request, and this was the awesome job that someone did for me (for reference). Thank you in advance!
  5. C

    Help including my dog.

    We wanted to make a personal christmas card to send to relatives. I was wondering if someone could help me include my dog in the picture? I started to do it but didn't look any real at all. Thanks in advance!
  6. M

    Hello guy new member needs your help

    Hello everyone, firstly I hope ive come to the right place. I don't have the first clue about photoshop but I would like to start to learning soon, but before I do I would love some help from you guys. this is a picture of my dog Tess when she was a puppy. she is a boarder collie. I would love...
  7. H

    Help with a Logo for a Business Card - Dog Grooming Project

    Hi, Me and my partner are starting our own dog grooming business in New Zealand, and we would like your help, please. We have an idea for a Logo on a business card: two silver fern feathers, NZ feather symbol, and in the midst of them an Afghan Hound dog cartoon. I have attached a similar...
  8. R

    Please help me to photoshop the dog into the X-mas card

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with photoshopping the image of the guide dog into the image of the x-mas setting without the whole picture looking too fake or photoshopped. This is for an x-mas e-card for a non-profit org. Thank you so much in advance. I can send you the...
  9. Jerry D

    A learning opportunity for me

    @IamSam, thanks for the encouragement! This is in reference to this thread... Disclaimer: I am in no way skilled at Photoshop. I mainly fumble around until I get something I think is decent...
  10. C

    Please edit my dog photo for me!

    Can someone please photoshop the picture of my dog with the sign into the picture with the Christmas tree and photoshop the dog out of that picture?
  11. T

    Realistic backlighting

    I would like to reproduce this wonderful flying dog backlighting with photoshop because I think it could be dangerous to throw into the air my big dog Jonas. Best regards.
  12. T

    Help with a dog pop art

    Hello guys I started using photoshop last week and i want to make some changes in a picture of my dog , like the one below: I used some filters but couldn't get the same effect, can anyone help me? Thank you
  13. T

    [How to get High Clarity Effect like this?]

    hello i am using photoshop and i am looking for an answer to my question how can i make a similar effect like this with the picture of the dog? thank you very much
  14. P

    Easy (I think) Request - Dog Smiling

    Hi everyone! I recently took a picture of my dog posing with a McDonalds' Happy Meal. She looks pretty sad, so I thought it would be funny to add a "human smile" to her face. I've seen a few commercials that gave me the idea, so I posted still frames down below. I tried to add teeth to her...
  15. ibclare

    Dog Lovers, get a load of this! for example
  16. T

    Help with project that exceeds my PS knowledge.

    I am trying to get the paw prints in the attached file to match the text in this photo but don't have a clue how to make it happen. Is anyone willing to help? I have been using PS for years, but can't figure out how to do this. Is there an easy way? This is a graphic that is going on the side of...
  17. M

    aussie novice

    hello everyone I'm a complete novice to photo shop' I'm and old dog trying to learn new tricks ,
  18. L


    I've been trying to photoshop a picture of myself. I'm trying to replace my dog with a stuffed animal and I am having no luck. Can someone help me please!!
  19. F

    Dog splash

    For a few years now, swimming pools in the Netherlands organize a "dog splash" at the end of the season; They stop adding chlorine to the pool and then one day you can go with your dog. Next day pool is emptied and bye bye until Easter. I love doing this, especially since my cocker loves diving...
  20. Cindy Grundsten

    Royal Queen

    Hello everybody! It was so long since I was here so I thought I'd upload an artwork that is fairly new. I hope you like. Sorry again for my bad English. I am not better in English as before :cry: Other stocks Model Dress Frame Pattern Backround, flowers, drape Dog