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I've been trying to photoshop a picture of myself. I'm trying to replace my dog with a stuffed animal and I am having no luck. Can someone help me please!!
Hi LL and welcome to the forum. Just to clarify for everyone, do you want this done for you or do you want help in doing it for yourself?
The main issue here is that the angle of the stuffed dog is incorrect. Are you able to take another photo of the Stuffed dog at a much lower angle? The same angle as the real dog?

Ok, this is just an observation and is not meant to be snitty question, but can't you just take another selfie with the stuffed animal?
I don't have the stuffed animal anymore. My dog chewed it up which is why I was trying to photoshop it. I have another picture of the stuffed animal but I don't think it will work. image3.JPG
I'm sorry for your loss. :cry:

Obviously you dog did not like the competition! lol!

I'll offer my canned response for now......we leave the decision of carrying out free edits to the discretion of our members. Our members are comprised of people located in many countries that have different time zones. Please be patient as it may take awhile for our interested members to see your request and reply. Be prepared if you don't receive any takers............it does happen.

If you feel you would like help doing this yourself, just ask. Good luck!