1. Eggy

    In between challenge for fun

    We are awaiting gedstar's challenge #44 soon but lets do one in between, nothing to win...(nothing to lose) Imagine for a moment, in the blink of an eye mankind disappears from the face of the earth. About two decades later, the animals seems to have taken over what the humans left behind. It...
  2. S

    Photoshop Artist Needed. Photo editing.

    I have this picture that I created of a mythical creature I've done all I can but need help finishing up the photo. This creature needs a tiger stripe pattern on it, and all I can do is put a mask over it and that just looks terrible. What I wanted was a pattern that warped around the body and...
  3. M

    Putting an animal texture on another animal.

    Hi, my name is Menno and i'm new to the forum. I have some experience with photoshop, but not a lot. I've been searching on google for a good tutorial on how to transfer a pattern of an animal onto another one, like a zebra pattern on a white cat. But i think i've been using the wrong terms to...
  4. L


    I've been trying to photoshop a picture of myself. I'm trying to replace my dog with a stuffed animal and I am having no luck. Can someone help me please!!
  5. J

    i need a picture of a bear with ron swan sons face and swan wings....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. its a joke i have with a friend. please and thank you all!!!
  6. Z

    My first illustration - two whales!

    I tried drawing in photoshop for the first time, and made a cartoon rendition of me and my little brother in Photoshop. Everything was done with a mouse and the pen tool. You can read more about it here!
  7. Stefano

    CELEBRIMALS! Merge a celeb and an animal!

    Should be easy to find pics of your favorite celeb/animals to merge together! Here is mine: Uma & Tiger! I think this will be a fun one! :pimp: -Stefano
  8. K

    dont know what this effect is called

    don't know if this is the wrong place but i was hoping someone could tell me what this effect is called thanks