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Help with project that exceeds my PS knowledge.

Tall Guy

New Member
I am trying to get the paw prints in the attached file to match the text in this photo but don't have a clue how to make it happen. Is anyone willing to help? I have been using PS for years, but can't figure out how to do this. Is there an easy way? This is a graphic that is going on the side of our boat. Needless to say, we are dog lovers.



  • Ruff Life (Broken Stick).psd
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Mr. Tom, Thats perfect? Would be interested in how you did it but I can obviously cut and paste it into my graphic. Can you give me a quick summation on what you did for my own education?

Thanks so much,
No worries.

I don't think you'll get past 30 seconds of this before you get what's going on....its pretty simple.


I used a capital 'O' and a zero but I guess any 'round' character will do....just for a bit of variation.

Any questions just ask.

You are right Tom that was way over my head, but it was fascinating to watch. Interesting to see how you improvised on the intended use of features to make it work for the project you were working on. Thanks again for taking the time. Will send you a photo of the boat when we get the graphic applied.

LOL....no worries at all.

That was a bit quick and dirty but with a little more time and using various other characters you could have each 'print' totally individual....depends how far you want to take it really.

Please do let us see the end result....in situ....its always great to see the practical application of a project.

Here is my version. I took parts of the letters and combined them with the paw.

Ruff Life (Broken Stick)chrisdesign.jpg
Click to enlarge.
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