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  1. N

    Graphic processor settings grayed out.

    GTX 750 1GB graphic processor settings grayed out in Photoshop 22.3.1 and 22.4.1 I have a Gtx 750 1gb and since the photoshop version 22.3.1 my graphic processor settings is grayed out and I tried everything, updating my graphics card and using different methods on YouTube, any suggestions?
  2. gedstar

    The best free graphic design software

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  3. J

    Need some help with a job!!!!

    Hi everyone, So I was a graphic design major in college and I was very involved with it after college. However I went into sales and have stayed there for the last few years. Now I am hating it and want to get in with this new company. They know I have a graphic design back ground and could use...
  4. T

    How to wrap graphic round transparent 3D object

    Hi, I want to wrap a flat graphic round a 3D cylinder, then make the cylinder totally transparent so I can rotate the graphic to view it at different angles. So far, I'm able to wrap the graphic round a mesh cylinder, but when I put the transparency to zero, the graphic disappears too. Is...
  5. C

    Sup, New guy here!

    :eek: Hello everyone names Court, just recently found this forum after looking up dimensions for a design that im doing and umm...yeah i decided to join, haven't been on a graphic design forum since i was 17 lol. Glad to be here though and i hope to make new friends.:mrgreen:
  6. C

    || Photoshop CC || Problem with graphics and library.

    Hi everyone ! So let me explain my problem. I am making the UI for a online shop. Here is the case: I want to build a design to display a white shirt, I need to create 3 graphics elements. Graphic 1 Button1 - I draw a rounded rectangle and apply specific color, radius, shadow. Graphic 2...
  7. Inkz

    Great Personal Achievement (Dribbble)

    Finally, my work has been recognized and I have been officially invited to one of the best invite only graphic design websites on the net. If you know anything about graphic design, you will know this is a great achievement to be invited to Dribbble. "Dribbble is the single most important...
  8. E

    New member from Jakarta

    Hello gurus.. My name is Ekselsior, I am a new member in her.. I am so exicted to found this forum, because in fact, I really interested in Graphic design. I have one Digital Printing shop In Jakarta, and I hope can adding my knowledge about Graphic design in this forum.
  9. A

    help with graphic kit

    Hello My name is Anders, im all new to photoshop. Ive would be so glad if someone like to give me a hint with my problem. tried to google, and youtube, but its not easy when you dont know the name of the thing you want:rolleyes: so, here is my problem, i design graphic kits for dirtbike in...
  10. T

    "New" user since '99

    My introduction to PS was 5.5 and I took a community college course in intro level PS at that time. I am now a hobbiest graphic designer/photo enhancer, focusing on landscape and automotive photography.
  11. T

    how to design awesome pictures and scenes?

    hi, i'm 17 years old and this is one of my works in photoshop : i've seen this pic a couple of minutes ago : now my question is : how can i create something like this awesome picture ?(i know that it's a very hard work and who created it, used graphics tablet and photoshop or some other...
  12. K


    Hi everyone! Just doing a little intro here. My name is Kristin and I'm fairly new with photoshop.... it's something I use to be very familiar with about 7 years ago and now I am trying to get back into it. I should've followed my dream and went to school for graphic design but ended up going to...
  13. Movie Poster

    Fly Man / Photomanipulation

  14. Movie Poster

    Guitar Melody / (Photomanipulation)

  15. Movie Poster

    Jason Baca-Warrior

  16. Movie Poster

    On the Back of Turtles

  17. T


    I'm a 31 year old photographer from Sweden. Currently worked mostly in lightroom but really wanna get into photoshop and more extensive photoshopping. Need to do some graphic design for my work too so I really need catch up on my photoshop skills. Take care!
  18. K

    graphic painting novice

    Hi, I am new to graphic painting techniques in photoshop and I am hoping to get some help from those of you with more experience. I am having trouble creating (personal) Hot Keys and this seems to be because of the lay out of the mac key boards. Any help regarding this would be very much...
  19. MoltresRider

    Make this character upset, screaming, etc

    May I please get someone to edit this graphic to make this character upset, scared, screaming, or somewhere along those lines? he is currently happy. I want to use this graphic for a vore scene involving Iris and obviously happy is not what he should be if he is in somebody's stomach. Make his...
  20. P

    A New Graphic Designer HERE! :D

    Hello Everyone, I'm Pedro, An Advanced Beginner Graphic designer, It's my first time in your Forum, I'm Here for practicing More and more Designing, I like Design, I like it so much, my only bad problem is that i have a less of inspiration, creativity, and Idea of how my next design will and...