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|| Photoshop CC || Problem with graphics and library.


New Member
Hi everyone !
So let me explain my problem.
I am making the UI for a online shop.
Here is the case:
I want to build a design to display a white shirt, I need to create 3 graphics elements.

Graphic 1
Button1 - I draw a rounded rectangle and apply specific color, radius, shadow.

Graphic 2
Button1 + text - I load Button1 in this graphic and write inside "View more details"

Graphic 3
WhiteShirtBox - I will create a box with a picture of a white shirt, the price and load the graphic Buttons1 + text.

My problem
When I modify Graphic1, for example I decide to remove the shadow, my modifications will not show in WhitShirtBox. It seems that the Graphic is broken even if I still can double click it a modify it.

Why ? Is it something that I can not do ? Should I use an other software ? Should I download a plugin ? Help !

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your replies !