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  1. L

    Major Help Needed With Photoshop Problem.

    Hello Everyone, Since Version 23.5 I started experiencing a problem on start up when after a few seconds it automatically closes with no error. Opening with a PSD file causes same issue but not as quickly. Updated to the 2023 Photoshop today and the issue is even worse. All other apps work...
  2. C

    How to remove Save a Copy?

    I have a problem with File / Save as. There should be a "Save as type" what is currently in Save a Copy. I don't need Save a Copy and I want to remove it so that only have Save as with all types. How to do it?
  3. presafresca

    Can't remove the tile pattern on text/image layers with transparent bg

    Hi gurus, I'm a new member and I'm in need of serious help. I'm working on a very important poster and it's due tomorrow. Something happened and I'm not sure if I accidentally did something, but CTRL+Z or CTRL+ALT+Z just wouldn't undo the "damage". There's a "C"-looking tile pattern on my...
  4. B

    Error problem in my 2020 Photoshop

    does anyone here know how to solve my problem? translating this to english: Your order could not be completed because the file was not found. I really appreciate who help me.
  5. K

    Text Box from Custom Shape w/ Holes

    Hi So I am trying to create a custom text box from a Shape with holes in it as shown below, but when I insert text it doesn't conform to the shape, but acts as if there aren't any holes. The Shape is white and the background is black. Here I have created the Shape: I then choose the Type...
  6. K

    Embarrassingly stupid 'Subtract front shape' issue

    I am following this basic tutorial for subtracting a shape from another shape and this happened when I clicked 'Subtract front shape' - I have some intermediate experience with PS but now I just feel stupid :seenoevil: I want the result to be like in the tutorial.... This is how it looks before...
  7. B

    why is the logo quality so low when i put it on a website?

    Any solution? On photoshop it has a really good quality, i saved it as jpg max resolution but when i put it on the website it gets so ugly. Width: 3000 ; Height: 1000 ; Resolution : 3000 Pixels ; RGB Color ; 8 bit ; Pixel aspect ratio : square pixels
  8. S

    Around text problem

    Hello guys! I created a picture in Photoshop. Within the program, I no have problem with pictures, but when I uploaded on facebook, around the text there are pixlels. I dont know what is the problem. I have attached two pictures. I hope can you help me.
  9. P

    Problem with Level Adjustment

    Hi there! Ive got strange problem with Level Adjustment. I wanna change highlights 255 to 254 So after click OK it goes back to 255 Why? It never happend to me this before ive changed 255 to 254 many times and worked but now something goes wrong but i am not sure what? Why i wanted changed...
  10. M

    Lightroom Problem with background whitening

    Hi. Long story short, I have this problem with making the background white when the object in background is light in color or also close to white. I'm using adjustment brush in lightroom for this purpose. My background when I take photos is usually grey. So making it white is not a problem. But...
  11. J

    PS Clipping Mask Problem

    Hi all Can someone please help solve a very frustrating problem I am having wrapping an image around a mug template. I have created a rectangle, used the warp and brought in my image but when I create the clipping mask my image disappears. I thought I would be able to manipulate my image...
  12. C

    Pencil Brush Problem

    I was watching a pixel art tutorial and wanted to try it out, but my pencil brush is not working properly. I set it to 1px but it either draws a 2px by 1px rectangle or a 2px by 2px square, and they aren't even drawn at the center of my mouse. I already tried resetting the brushes and the...
  13. W

    Can you guys help me with photo

    Hello everyone, I hoped this that not a problem I am creating a new post. I have one problem with the picture, I am making this for my friend. I have this pic: And my friend would like to see what is there under this green/blue lines ? Can i make it this in photoshop ? I hope you can...
  14. E

    Actions Problem with action printing multiple jpgs

    Dear All, I have a problem. I have 10 open jpgs in Photoshop and I would like to run an action to send them all to my printer. The action does send them to the printer, however, the printer only prints parts of each file. When I manually send the open jpgs to my printer, one by one, the...
  15. P

    Collage problem - Smart Object VS Transform degradation

    Hello all, I am trying to make a collage of about 15 images on an A3 sized sheet. Many of the images will need to be resized, cropped, and sometimes masked with gradient transparencies... sounds easy but... I dragged the pix to the A3 Photoshop document, and each had to be double clicked as...
  16. T

    Hello...I have a LR problem

    Hi, I am a big LR user and that is a problem. The problem is I try and stay away from PS at all costs. Well, the type of photography I am doing as of late (Long exposure architecture) requires that I have PS mastery. I have committed myself to spending the rest of the year sharpening my PS...
  17. M

    Alignment problem

    Is there any way to make it snap to the actual thing in the picture? Or remove the transparent background? Just something... Like you can see in the video it snaps to the transparent background and not the actual thing in the picture.
  18. M

    Can't view PNG files in Photoshop CS6

    I have not had this problem until a couple of weeks ago but I can no longer view my PNG files in photoshop. They show up as a little square with PS in them when I look in bridge. I can open them and work with them without problem but can't see them in bridge. Is there some way for me to fix...
  19. A

    double chins problem :(

    Please fix it
  20. J

    Transparency is suddenly much darker

    Hello, I need help with a weird problem. Yesterday I did some graphics in Photoshop and beside PSD I saved them also as PNG. Today when I open any of the files and save them again as a PNG all pixels with less then 100% opacity are much darker. It affects for example drop shadow effect in...