1. M

    Photoshop issues

    Hello guys, I have a bit of problems with any adobe program in my computer. It just looks very big, I just bought a new computer with a 4k screen and I read in some forums this is the problem but I dont know how to solve it. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  2. O

    hi guys i have a problem with PSD converting it to png

    hi guys I have created PSD web banner problem I don,t know how to make it suitable for web site without background I have already tried to convert it to png file but when I tried to put it to header of web site it shows with white backgrowd around please help me what I have done wrong...
  3. J

    Patterns in Photoshop CS6

    Am having trouble concluding the exercise here-under for using patterns in Photoshop CS6. In the attached picture, I would like to use a pattern for changing the surface of the pathway in the middle of the picture, this purely as an exercise to teach myself how to use patterns. I am getting...
  4. R

    Cannot Get 'Vanishing Point' Filter to Work

    This is the image from last week where the task was to extend the floor to the bottom of the canvas. I was able to do this in three seconds using Edit>Transform>Perspective, but then Mr. Tom pointed out that it can also be done using Vanishing Point. I viewed two tutorials (Phlearn and Lynda) a...
  5. Naczhos

    Photoshop CC 2015 - Lagging

    Hi Photoshop Gurus. I have this really annoying problem, my Photoshop CC 2015 is so laggy, especially at beginning of startup and in the menus after startup. And just to scratch the idea of suspecting bad hardware, it is not. Hardware: 4000Mhz i7 skylake 64GB Ram 8GB GTX1070 2x480GB SSD...
  6. MoltresRider

    Photoshop CC 2015 freezes entire computer

    I am having an issue with Photoshop freezing my entire Windows 7 computer. Photoshop would randomly freeze or freeze my entire computer where I cannot do anything for up to 20 minutes. I cannot do anything during this time, not even bring up the task manager. the 'Busy' cursor remains on all...
  7. L

    Layer jittery edges

    Hello! I have a little "problem" in Photoshop. I have copied a text from a picture and made it white. The original photo was a very low resolution and i used the quick selection tool (I don't know the name in English) to copy the text, and after that I got rid of the background and saved it as a...
  8. revnart

    Photoshop files problem

    Hi today I run in problem I've never seen before. I always save files as tiff, with LZW compression, same byte order, without image pyramid etc. - exactly same settings as before. But when I send files to the PosterPrint (Roland Printer software we use) suddenly I get an error "Image file...
  9. J

    The snipping tool

    May be someone can help me, please, as I am frustrated with the snipping tool when I want to print a few paragraphs received in an email that occupy a larger space than the area of my 17-inch laptop screen. I have just discovered the snipping tool in Windows 10, and I have no problem using it to...
  10. N

    I need the cigarette

    Hello, guys! This is thug life cigarette: I need only the cigarette, so someone have to remove only the background. :twisted: Now i can't do it, because my computer have problem and can't run PS. Thanks!
  11. W

    Jagged Text

    I'm having a problem with jagged text in photoshop preview and in pdf and jpg exports. The problem is amplified further when in the pdf. I have set the anti-alias setting to smooth and my resolution is 300 dpi. I am stuck as to what to do. I tried every font from Arial to custom downloaded...
  12. R

    Problem with Layers Panel in CS5

    This problem just came out of nowhere today. When I launch Photoshop and open a new or existing document, the Adjustment layers panel and the Layers Panel are collapsed and blank, as in ScreenShot #1 below. If I click on the words ADJUSTMENT and LAYERS the panels expand and go back to normal...
  13. M

    Text Effect - How To Duplicate

    Hello all, I'm trying to duplicate the text effect seen in the sample below. The layout of the text "SURFING" is what I'm focusing on and I'm trying to use the text "mobilePRO" in its place. I've tried a number of different fonts to get the think block style seen in the example, but i'm hitting...
  14. MoltresRider

    Photoshop 2015 Export NOT WORKING since update

    My Photoshop 2015 "updated" and now Export does not work anymore with any image! I ALWAYS get a blank export as dialog! EVERYBODY says that this problem was supposedly fixed in 2015.1.2, but this was never a problem until 2015.1.2! A bug that never affected me that was supposedly fixed in...
  15. C

    Not quite guru yet

    Hello - My name is Cameron. I consider myself to be really good at Photoshop but sometimes I get stuck trying to figure things out so I'm looking for a community that can help me problem solve when I run into snags. And maybe I can help some other people out in return!
  16. alargos

    Creating (Rendering) 3D Text question... ?

    Hello there photoshopers :help::wave2: I have a problem while following this tutorial The rendering of the text .. it's not the same it's shown on the video, i don't know why... but i've made a video from my problem... so you can see and tell me where is my mistake or .. do i need to...
  17. F

    Problem with installing extensions in PS cc 2015

    So I had a problem, as i watch tutorial he said that just place to file in plugin folder in adobe PS cc 2015 but when in open window>extensions there're nothing at all *This is what file content look like *the file location is before place it on C:/windows/program files/Adobe/Adobe...
  18. Paul


    Just tried to submit a rep credit to a member but given notice that i can't send another to the same member without receiving one first? Problem is the credit attempted sends where to two different people here?
  19. B

    Help me fix this problem please on channel masking

    Hi Gurus today am trying to cut an image from its white background using channels .Everything goes well.But when am working on it i see a small lines around the image which are being created while am masking it with the brush tool and its creating a hallow white borders around the final product...
  20. hershy314

    Finally did it

    As of January 6th 2016 I am done with school. I'm now a graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online, with as associates in Graphic Design. I'm now trying to put together a portfolio that show cases my best work. Problem is I don't have much to show. They do offer things like help with...