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The snipping tool


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May be someone can help me, please, as I am frustrated with the snipping tool when I want to print a few paragraphs received in an email that occupy a larger space than the area of my 17-inch laptop screen.
I have just discovered the snipping tool in Windows 10, and I have no problem using it to make a rectangular selection of a short paragraph or two received in an email. However, if I try using the snipping tool to select, say, three paragraphs, one of which can only be seen on screen if I scroll down, the snipping tool will select only the first two paragraphs.

If I scroll down to the third paragraph, the snipping tool vanishes. Trying to retrieve it (the snipping tool, I mean) does not solve my problem as I cannot use the tool to snip all three paragraphs together at one go.

I hope I am making myself clear and I thank you in advance for your help.

Many thanks. I think yours must be the right solution.

Thank you, in particular, for a prompt reply.

I presume you are asking about the snipping tool because you want to capture the contents as an image, not as actual text.

If that is correct, you probably would like a more advanced version of the snipping tool such such as FastStone's "Capture" program that allows one to capture a scrolling window.

http://www.faststonesoft.net/DN/FSC_Tutorial.pdf (click on section 11, p. 24 - "Capture a Scrolling Window")

In contrast, if you want to capture a section of text that is larger than one screenful, and preserve it as text (ie, which can be edited, not an image), just select the area by holding down your left mouse key, and then positioning it at the bottom of your screen, and the window will scroll. Hit control-C when the selection is complete, and then paste the result into Word or some other text editing program to tidy up the results.


Tom M
How nice of you to reply so promptly. I will try to follow your suggestions, and hopefully I'll be able to manage. This may take some time as I am a slowcoach, but I am sure that your advice should work.

My thanks again.