1. Barrettathome

    Have a problem with a picture. Any suggestions or know hows?

    I have this problem with this picture. It is to blury, is there anyway in photoshop to sharpen it up and remove the blur? I'm familiar with photoshop but not with tweaking images. Does any one have any tricks? Thanks,
  2. A

    Photoshop problem

    Hello, I have PS CS5, everything worked just fine but one problem has occured yesterday.. Whatever I open in photoshop looks brighter than it really is. When I save the picture in photoshop and open it with something else, it looks normal though. The photo on the left is as it should look and...
  3. I

    Duplicating layers with different opacity problem

    Hi, I'm a portrait photographer and I have learned some new techniques that require me to make some adjustments/apply filters/etc, on a background duplicate layer and then to tone down the effect that I've created by lowering the opacity of that new layer. Then, the guy flattens the image and...
  4. SeniorS

    Houston YOU have a problem!

    Some time ago get in sight this one: Liked it and first thought was title: "Houston YOU have a problem!". But image doesn't show that exactly so have to rewind in time a little for a desktopfun :) P.S. Would be way better with astronaut bigger and at left corner but didn't find such...
  5. L

    Converting CR2 to Tiff in Bridge-image problem

    Why does this "Striping or Banding" occur? Please see image. I am not sure if that is the right language for what is happening to my images. Does anybody have an answer for this. thanks
  6. P

    having a problem with a selection

    Hello everyone. First post here. I am learning Photoshop from a book. I already have limited experience. I tried to scan in the exercise I am doing, but I did not want to destroy the binding on my 40 dollar book. I have created a shaded ring. I used the eliptical marquee tool, then used...
  7. K

    Brush Tool problem

    I have Photoshop CS5 and use the Brush Tool a lot when I edit photos. I use especially the function where I press ALT + right mouse button so that I can adjust the size of the brush and the hardness/thickness or what ever it is called. When I do that I get a red indicator showing me how hard the...
  8. W

    Tools problem

    My tools do not work, only the hand tool. The hand tool stays on even when I click on another tool. I have deleted preferences, uninstalled and re-installed and nothing seems to work. Can any one help? I am running Mac OS 10.6.7. Thank you.