1. hershy314

    Finally did it

    As of January 6th 2016 I am done with school. I'm now a graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online, with as associates in Graphic Design. I'm now trying to put together a portfolio that show cases my best work. Problem is I don't have much to show. They do offer things like help with...
  2. Eggy

    Mouse stutter after closing PS session

    Well, I got rid of my good old CS6 and started with CC 2015 after upgrading my system. The problem now is that my mouse is stuttering after closing a CC 2015 session. I thought waiting a bit would resolve the problem but I always end up restarting my PC. It doesn't take long to restart my...
  3. Y

    Nik Plugins Take Forever To Load, help?

    Hi guys, I've got some trouble and am hoping I can get some help. (thanks in advance to anyone!) Background: Using CS5 for photo editing using Nik Plugins (primarily colorefexpro4) on 16-bit TIFF files that are 128mb each. My workflow is a bit convoluted, but I've always got the results I...
  4. Steve

    Log On Problems with Photoshop Gurus Site

    Some members may have had problems logging in today. We're aware of the problem and hopefully it's been fixed.
  5. R

    How to remove brown spots

    Hello I have problem with large brown spots over the image. I was photographing northern lights with canon 5D MKII, ISO800, 10s and later discovered nasty spots over the whole image. I made several shots and all these pictures have the same problem. I show there only part of the picture to get...
  6. T

    Problem with the color!

    Hi! I'm new to ps (I use cs6) and just got into an (to me) seemingly odd problem. When I pick a color and paint with it it doesn't appear the same as the "preview". Most colors looks lighter or closer to either yellow, magenta or teal. I've used ps for i few hours today before the problem...
  7. E

    photoshop text

    what would be the best program for text , i have a photobook in work for my sons golf carreer , the last page will be a list of his tournament results for the year , i want to put gold silver or bronze stars next to his top three finishes , i want the book to be very clear text , problem with...
  8. B


    Hi Guys, I want to be able to see small "preview" when I try open file in PS CC 2015. But instead I see only PS logo. How I can see "preview" ?
  9. B

    Photoshop CC inteface PROBLEM

    Hi Guys, I got problem here with Photoshop cc interface. Everytime I open the file it shows on my "windows tab". I dont want them there. I want them in "photoshop". I know I can change it but then they wont flow in photoshop but they will be tab bar near ps menu bars. Thanks!
  10. S

    Odd problem with add to and subtract from selection tools. Help please!

    I'm having a really frustrating problem with adding to and subtracting from selections. I've tried to find a solution to the problem online, but can't seem to find any mention of anybody else also experiencing it, which makes me think it's either something really simple and stupid I'm doing...
  11. T

    Brushes are transparent when created

    Hi all, I have a problem when creating a brush in photoshop. Maybe this is a basic problem but I almost never work with brushes so I don't know how to solve it. I have this file with some waterdrops: When I create a brush from the drops, Photoshop takes the black and white values from the...
  12. D

    Weird pressure problem on PS CS6

    Hello ! Let me introduce myself : I am Dekanh, an amateur artist who draws a lot. I've always used Photoshop CS6 to draw, but while trying a new software recently, I realized that my pen pressure in PS is.. well.. really really bad. I don't really know how to describe the problem, but any line...
  13. Y

    Problems with perspective distortion when wrapping around an object

    Hi guys, I've been using Photoshop for a very long time, but I didn't manage to come up with any useful and easy solution of my problem. I often need to wrap something around a cylinder-shaped object (like a bottle or a can). Creating arc is not an issue: I use Wrap Command with "Arch" option...
  14. Z

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for printing?

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for print? I am not sure how to summarize my problem well into one sentence, I will simply describe my workflow and my goal I draw the comics in AI, compose everything into square boxes of different sizes. Copy the AI vectors into a PSD...
  15. pslane

    Problem with Photoshop CC 30 day trial

    Hello, I am trying out the CC Photoshop for 30 days free. I might and I might not buy the 9.99 plan. Anyway, here's the problem. I have several images open and the one I was working on has disappeared.. Where did it go? Also, when I minimize an image, how do I maximize it again? I don't...
  16. R

    Greetings, gurus!

    Hi all, I'm Richard, a newbie to this site, but not to PS. Been using it, albeit in a fairly basic way from CS2 to CS6. As my photography commitments have increased it has become obvious to me that my workflow needs attention. As a result, I've experimented with actions and am becoming a tad...
  17. Q

    Tutoring Flyer Templates?

    does anyone know where I can find some good flyers templates at Amoyshare? preferably for tutoring, but I can work with anything similar. I've been trying to draw up my own for about 2-3 days now, but they just are not coming out how I'd like. Thanks in advance. Update: @7: lol, thats my...
  18. J

    Who knew photoshop was so complex?

    Hi, I've played with Photoshop for some time now but find my knowledge limited and tutorials can only help if your problem is specific. With your help I'm hoping to make subtle improvements/adjustments to my pin hole photography and art work. Cheers Jono1100 (Owen)
  19. B

    Need Help with Photo newbie

    Hi everyone is there anyone who can help me or teach me fix this photo? the problem is that the light from the projector made a mess of the faces please help me thanks!!!
  20. Skyes

    Photo Manipulation, but the colors don't match. Help please!

    Hello guys. I was playing with Photoshop today, and wanted to try something new. So, I took a cool picture of a knight, and then pasted my head over his. I adjusted the layer correctly, erased the borders of the picture, and tried to make my head proportional to the size of his body. But the...