Pencil Brush Problem

I was watching a pixel art tutorial and wanted to try it out, but my pencil brush is not working properly.
I set it to 1px but it either draws a 2px by 1px rectangle or a 2px by 2px square, and they aren't even drawn at the center of my mouse.

I already tried resetting the brushes and the problem is still going on, please help me and thank you!

Hello and welcome to PSG.

Did you reset your Ps preferences?
Ty :) and no I haven't tried that yet, that's the only solution? (because I don't recall to have tweaked anything there in the past few months), I will do it and update this post once I'm done with something irl :D

Thank you, if you have more ideas let me know so I can try them out once I'm done
Hi Cinnamon Cat

1) Make sure you are using a brush tip that is a small circle and not another shape. Then set to 1 pixel. Other shapes make not shrink nicely.
2) Reset Pencil Tool
3) Reset Brush Preferences
4) Reset all tools
5) Reset Photoshop Preferences

In order of increasing impact across the board.

I don't recognize what is going on with your little GIF as far as cursors and the placement of cursor or cross hair vs where the ink goes down so to speak. That makes think it is one of the other factors above.

John Wheeler