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  1. apfelstroodel

    Can someone tell me what brush this is?

    I am working off an old photoshop file and am not sure which brush was used here. It looks like a brush with a canvas type texture but i am not sure. I've got through all of Kyle T. Webster's brushes but cant find anything. similar.
  2. C

    Creating a Tree Brush

    Hey guys! Been trying to sort this brush tool out for days now and nothing is working. and seems there is no definitive tutorial I can find anywhere. At my last job I used the brush tool in the shape of a tree with colour. which helps me dot trees to my layouts without the need of copying and...
  3. Dagi

    Please help me find this brush?

    Hi! I would like to ask for your help: I recently got a new computer, and deleted all things Photoshop on my old one. I now realize that the brush I used (and ADORE) to start illustrating a children's book can't be recovered. If any of you have any idea what this brush might be, would you let me...
  4. G

    Time lapse in duplicated window for digital drawing

    I am trying to make a time lapse of my drawing without all the annoying zooming in and out that happens if I recorded the original window. Basically I duplicate the window that I am drawing in by going to window - arrange - new window for and then the name of the current project. I move the...
  5. puraidodes

    Can anyone please explain the reason behind this "Noise Banding" on transparency?

    I understand gradient banding. There are fixes. For these, usually, I'd just paint over these kinds of issues in images or clone them and smudge them. I can't quite remember if I've seen this in an older Photoshop version – maybe I forgot. When I'm working with transparency and I paint, this...
  6. R

    How to achieve this texture?

    Hi everyone. New here on the forum, so thanks for having me. 10+ years of Photoshop, but no clue how to achieve the attached texture in the image. Scatter, stochastic, halftone, none of the gave the exact same result. Before going into hand drawing it effectively, tried to give it a shot and...
  7. B

    Brush Issues

    Hi all, I first want to apologize for not having all the appropriate vocabulary - I'm going to try my best! Starting yesterday, my brush tool stopped completely "erasing" part of a super-imposed image. I am trying to replace a baby's face in one photo by taking it from another photo. Every...
  8. C

    How to undo the brush on the face

    I wanted to make a little shadow on his face with a brush, but forgot to make a new layer. I cant undo it with Control + Z because i kept on working after i tried to brush, so it would undo everything else too. Is there anything like a History where i can manually remove this specific brush action?
  9. C

    How to share a tool preset with another tool.

    This is default Smudge tool. How to transform (convert) this settings for Brush tool, with this texture?
  10. Zintius

    Specific Brush Effect

    hello would you please do a Portrait Brush Effect i really like those and thanks in advance
  11. alaisl

    Brush Rotate Window?

    Hi guys! Does anyone here know if there's a rotate panel plug-in somewhere? I just want to keep this thing open: Right-clicking every time I want to rotate gets really annoying, and I know the Brush Settings panel have this, but it's just taking too much area in my workspace if I keep it open...
  12. L

    Overlap/Superposition: color change

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how it works as it does in the image below, when two colors overlap, they change into a different one (specifically one in the color palet used by this artist, @kid_woof on insta). Thanks!
  13. M

    Can't create brush folders

    Hey guys. I need help creating folders for my brushes. I download a brush. Go to "presets manager", load the brush, select them all and click "save set". I save the set at photoshopcc2017/presets/brushes along with the original .abr brushfiles. But when I go to the brush and click the little...
  14. K

    Convert to old healing brush

    I finally upgraded to Photoshop 2017 and am not happy about the healing brush. Is there any way to go "back" to the old healing brush? I googled it, but on the Adobe site it mentions Photoshop 2015. Is there a work around for 2017? I just really don't like any options given for the new...
  15. PegoMan

    Opaque custom brush tool

    I'm having a problem making a brush preset tool. I want to have a push-pin tool that I can use as a brush for placing wherever I need it. I can make the tool, but it always goes into a photo in a transparent state. I would like to do it in an opaque mode so as to cover the background behind...
  16. M

    My watermark brush is transparent

    I've created a logo on a transparent layer. It's an eclipse with a carbon pattern and my name going through with a downloaded metallic style. I've made it into a brush, but when I use it on my images, the logo is half transparent and I can see color from the image shining through. How can that...
  17. R

    Large brush

    I am ready to install a ssd to pick up performance but whenever is use a large brush, say over 1500 px my computer goes into a spinning circle (used to be hour glass) to apply the effect, anything else I can do, I have an i7, 32 gb ram, windows 10.
  18. C

    Pencil Brush Problem

    I was watching a pixel art tutorial and wanted to try it out, but my pencil brush is not working properly. I set it to 1px but it either draws a 2px by 1px rectangle or a 2px by 2px square, and they aren't even drawn at the center of my mouse. I already tried resetting the brushes and the...
  19. 0

    Brush Suggestions for this image

    Hi, I'm trying to recreate the brush effect used in the attached images. I'm struggling to find a brush which is similar enough to this - please could anyone suggest one? (apologies that the images aren't great resolution) Thanks!
  20. D

    Organising Brushes into easy-to-access Folders

    Hi, Am new to this Forum and although I've been using various versions of Photoshop since about 2000 when I first started, I think with Photoshop 4 (may have been 3) I've still got a lot to learn and tend to stick to various methods I know for working and just add new bits and pieces as and when...