1. Zintius

    Specific Brush Effect

    hello would you please do a Portrait Brush Effect i really like those and thanks in advance
  2. alaisl

    Brush Rotate Window?

    Hi guys! Does anyone here know if there's a rotate panel plug-in somewhere? I just want to keep this thing open: Right-clicking every time I want to rotate gets really annoying, and I know the Brush Settings panel have this, but it's just taking too much area in my workspace if I keep it open...
  3. L

    Overlap/Superposition: color change

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how it works as it does in the image below, when two colors overlap, they change into a different one (specifically one in the color palet used by this artist, @kid_woof on insta). Thanks!
  4. M

    Can't create brush folders

    Hey guys. I need help creating folders for my brushes. I download a brush. Go to "presets manager", load the brush, select them all and click "save set". I save the set at photoshopcc2017/presets/brushes along with the original .abr brushfiles. But when I go to the brush and click the little...
  5. K

    Convert to old healing brush

    I finally upgraded to Photoshop 2017 and am not happy about the healing brush. Is there any way to go "back" to the old healing brush? I googled it, but on the Adobe site it mentions Photoshop 2015. Is there a work around for 2017? I just really don't like any options given for the new...
  6. PegoMan

    Opaque custom brush tool

    I'm having a problem making a brush preset tool. I want to have a push-pin tool that I can use as a brush for placing wherever I need it. I can make the tool, but it always goes into a photo in a transparent state. I would like to do it in an opaque mode so as to cover the background behind...
  7. M

    My watermark brush is transparent

    I've created a logo on a transparent layer. It's an eclipse with a carbon pattern and my name going through with a downloaded metallic style. I've made it into a brush, but when I use it on my images, the logo is half transparent and I can see color from the image shining through. How can that...
  8. R

    Large brush

    I am ready to install a ssd to pick up performance but whenever is use a large brush, say over 1500 px my computer goes into a spinning circle (used to be hour glass) to apply the effect, anything else I can do, I have an i7, 32 gb ram, windows 10.
  9. C

    Pencil Brush Problem

    I was watching a pixel art tutorial and wanted to try it out, but my pencil brush is not working properly. I set it to 1px but it either draws a 2px by 1px rectangle or a 2px by 2px square, and they aren't even drawn at the center of my mouse. I already tried resetting the brushes and the...
  10. 0

    Brush Suggestions for this image

    Hi, I'm trying to recreate the brush effect used in the attached images. I'm struggling to find a brush which is similar enough to this - please could anyone suggest one? (apologies that the images aren't great resolution) Thanks!
  11. D

    Organising Brushes into easy-to-access Folders

    Hi, Am new to this Forum and although I've been using various versions of Photoshop since about 2000 when I first started, I think with Photoshop 4 (may have been 3) I've still got a lot to learn and tend to stick to various methods I know for working and just add new bits and pieces as and when...
  12. M

    How to reach this brush look?

    Hello folks, it's going to be my first post so I hope to do something it's interesting for everyone as well! Basically, I have to reproduce the same brush look inside a pattern from a fabric in a way that I can get the same look on Photoshop. The result will be transferred on a screen print...
  13. A

    Brushes Please let me know which brush pack did this come from

    Please give me a download link to (.abr) photoshop brushes pack that has this particular brush inside. Thank you in advance
  14. T

    Brush opacity and feathering algorithms - just a discussion.

    Opacity is 'fill' level for brush. So a brush at 100% opacity will 'fill' at 100%. So why then, does it take three brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 50% opacity (when logic says it should take 2), and seven brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 25% opacity (when it should take 4)...
  15. G

    Brush Problem

    I am at an absolute loss as to how to organize my brushes. Some brushes are .abr files and some are .tpl files. When I select the Brush Tool, then go to the default Options Panel and select the Brush Tip dropdown I see a list of what appears to be .tpl files. I can select one of these...
  16. P

    Recreating this effect?

    Hey I'm trying to create/recreate this paint/spray paint dripping effect displayed on this shirt. Trying to find a way to go about this tried some brushes to no avail :(
  17. B

    Brushes Underlying pattern

    Hello, I'm John. I'm looking for some help with the pattern this brush makes. If you look closely the brush leaves a pattern of squares or short diagonal lines underneath when I'm shading as I pencil sketch. I want to use Photoshop just to emulate pencil sketching to save paper when practicing...
  18. G

    Define Brush Preset Question

    Photoshop CC 2017 and a Mac. Lately, I have been playing with creating brushes out of just black and white line art. I first will do a selection using COLOR RANGE...seems to be the best choice since the image is just black and white line art. Once I have the selection I then create a brush...
  19. C


    Hi Have been restoring old photos for quite a while now, but just come across this site, looks very good by the trip around I have been doing. Quick question,Ages ago in levels, I made a rectangular selection, adjusted levels in it, then was able to use that to brush in certai areas of the...
  20. B

    CC very sluggish with lag

    Since I bought a new Mac Mini (top one available) with 16 GB RAM & 2TB Fusion Drive, CC is very sluggish. I am on a Mac running the latest OS and usually keep most other programs closed except Bridge. The Fusion drive only has my apps on it so there is about 1.5TB plus free. I keep all my...