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Brush Rotate Window?


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Hi guys! Does anyone here know if there's a rotate panel plug-in somewhere? I just want to keep this thing open: Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.38.12 PM.png

Right-clicking every time I want to rotate gets really annoying, and I know the Brush Settings panel have this, but it's just taking too much area in my workspace if I keep it open.



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As far as I know there's no shortcut nor plug-in at the moment.
A way around it is rotating the canvas as in this tutorial using the R key and then rotating the canvas...


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Having a shortcut or widget for brush rotation has been a long time wish for hundreds of Ps users and has been discussed for many years in Adobe Forums.

As far as I know, currently there's not a plug-in or widget for what your seeking. However, if your using a Wacom Tablet, you can set up the brush rotation on the Touch Ring or as a Radial menu.