1. alaisl

    Brush Rotate Window?

    Hi guys! Does anyone here know if there's a rotate panel plug-in somewhere? I just want to keep this thing open: Right-clicking every time I want to rotate gets really annoying, and I know the Brush Settings panel have this, but it's just taking too much area in my workspace if I keep it open...
  2. mikecox

    Add screenshot to layer

    I had been using the Brush tool but it stopped being active for some reason, while trying to get it active again I pressed a key combination, by mistake, that added a recent screen shot to my layers panel. I have no idea what combination was but I was so excited to see it happen because it...
  3. H

    Select and mask tool not showing the right property panel

    What am I doing wrong? I have spend HOURS trying to figure out, why the 'Property panel' doesn't appear the same, as in all the tutorials that I have seen regarding the subject 'select and mask' tool? The panel that I get, keeps indicating that 'No mask has been selected' and hence I'm not...
  4. A

    Stretch and clip texture

    Hi, I'm new to the 'shop, and want to use it drawing spaceships. In this video ( she uses a pre-made texture at the 1:00 mark that she created earlier and it seems like she pastes it, stretches it, and clips it the shape of a pre-dawn panel on the hull. How...
  5. gedstar

    3D And sometimes it goes pear shaped

    This is what I was suppose to end up with and here's my result It's going to be a long night :bustagut: One thing that would be great in Blender if there was a history panel like PS It's very confusing to find out where you went wrong, still lots to learn :thumbsup:
  6. R

    Need Help with Moving Layers Panel

    I accidentally did something that caused my layers panel to become un-docked. As you can see in the image below, the layers panel is now free-floating within the work area. I prefer it to be docked to the right edge but I can't figure out how to get it attached back to where it was. Anyone know...
  7. E

    Collapsing layers panel at once?

    i have like 50 psd several layers with effects on each of them. i want to collapse them all layers panel but action is not working. is there a way to do it?
  8. R

    Problem with Layers Panel in CS5

    This problem just came out of nowhere today. When I launch Photoshop and open a new or existing document, the Adjustment layers panel and the Layers Panel are collapsed and blank, as in ScreenShot #1 below. If I click on the words ADJUSTMENT and LAYERS the panels expand and go back to normal...
  9. L

    Background image for 5 panel pop up HELP

    Hi guys. New to the forum looking for some advice. I have to design a 5 panel pop up 2.5m wide. Panels need a 5m bleed which is no problem but I would love to use an overall background image and not sure how to work this with the bleeds if I need to submit the panels individually. This is the...
  10. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  11. R

    Can the tools panel be docked on the bottom rather than the left?

    I thought that I have seen the tools panel docked on the bottom. If that is possible, how is it done? I tried searching for this question, but to no avail. Todd
  12. MrToM

    CC 2014 Adobe Color Theme Conundrum...!

    This may be just me having a blonde moment but here's the issue... If I open the 'Adobe Color Themes' panel and have it as 'floating' I get the panel on the left... If I then dock the panel into my other panels on the right of the workspace I get the panel on the right... Now, here's the...
  13. C

    Shapes- path question

    I was just trying out one of Corey barkers tutorials on youtube: He does one thing that seems to escape me. He puts the first two shapes on one path panel. When I try it, PS insist on a separate path panel. Can someone explain how he gets it to do...
  14. P

    Resizing brushes floating panel that has gone too big out of the screen

    Hi, This is my first inquiry at this forum... so I take the opportunity to greet you all : ) I am having a quite absurd problem with my PS CS5: I have resized the floating brushes panel by mistake (the one that appears when you're using the brush / eraser tool and you right click on the...
  15. B

    Layer doesn't show up when I draw box in photoshop, I can't edit box

    I can see the blue box that I drew but I can't edit it. The background is an image I opened in photoshop. I then drew the blue box, but there is no separate layer for the blue box. Where is the separate layer?
  16. R

    focus stacking - panel closes after alignment done

    I do a fair amount of macro work and focus stacking has been a standard tool for some time now. It's a technique that takes a modest amount of preliminary work and the procedure is absolutely rote once the photos are loaded. No thought or additional manipulation required. But I've been having...
  17. C

    Transparent text on a solid color panel?

    Dear Group, I am in the process of designing a clear label for my aftershave and would like to have the text on a solid color panel be transparent so that the liquid is visible. I would also like to have an outline (Line) tracing the font to help it stand out a little better. I've been...
  18. V

    Using the Appearance Panel to Create a Kitchen Illustration

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial. In today’s tutorial, I’m going to take advantage of the Appearance Panel to create a kitchen illustration. Learn the benefits of the Appearance Panel: keep your illustration filesizes down, save time, and maintain flexible options. Tutorial Details...
  19. C

    Icons in right panel

    Hi: New to PS. I am following tutorials in The instructor's panel has 7 icons at the bottom of the right main panel. They are small and cannot I make them all out but the second is fx, the third icon is a light circle in a darker rectangle, the fifth icon is a folder. I do not have...