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  1. K

    Brush Tool problem

    I have Photoshop CS5 and use the Brush Tool a lot when I edit photos. I use especially the function where I press ALT + right mouse button so that I can adjust the size of the brush and the hardness/thickness or what ever it is called. When I do that I get a red indicator showing me how hard the...
  2. C

    PSCS4 - Stroke path with brush not working

    I'm using Photoshop CS4 Extended, and trying to stroke a path with the brush tool. I've selected the appropriate brush size and hardness, but these settings don't apply when I stroke the path; instead, I just get a large, round, soft stroke. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.
  3. M

    My brush isn't solid! Help!!

    Help! My regular brush isn't solid black, it's transparent! Brush opacity settings are 100%, hardness is at 100%, Layer opacity is at 100%, and my pen pressure doesn't control the opacity either. How can I fix this? What do I do to make my brush solid black again? For some reason...
  4. alecaim

    Help Turning a Concept into Reality

    Hello, So I have an idea to make a collage of flags in the shape of a mushroom cloud. I have a couple hundred flags that I can use, but how can I make the collage without placing each flag manually? Thanks!
  5. F

    Brushes Huge collection of photoshop brushes | Search engine

    Hello all I made this photoshop brush search engine. And would like to hear your opinion about it. Currently I have 13,624 brushes in 699 sets on the website - Free photoshop brushes - Search engine The purpose of are too provides high quality photoshop...
  6. J

    Photoshop - Wacom Tablet - Help

    My problem is when I make strokes with the pen on my Wacom tablet, the line looks like this. This is one smooth stroke, i didn't lift my pen once. When i know it shouldn't look like this. I'm running: HP Pavilion p6214 AMD Athlon II x4 620 Quad-Core Processor nVidia GeForce 9100 Integrated...
  7. S

    Paintbrush effect

    Hey everyone, While I was playing around with Photoshop and digital painting, I modified a brush setting (for a premade Photoshop brush, probably one of the charcoal or pastel) that gave it an effect akin to the texture of a real paintbrush. Ever since, though, I haven't been able to recreate...
  8. J

    Square Brush has A Rounded Corner, Please Help!

    All of my square brush's have one round corner. I know that there is some sort of hotkey to make a brush have rounded corner, and it appears i have hit it by mistake. Does anyone know how to get this back to a regular square brush? Ive tried reseting my brush pallet and googling the internet...
  9. D

    Get a brush effect bigger than 2500px?

    Hello, I like to make my own brushes and such but I need to cover a 10" by 10" 300dpi canvas with a single brush. Currently, the brushes cannot go larger than 2500px. So how can I get the brush effect (removes all white pixels to transparent)? I make brushes out of scans from old paper, so...
  10. O

    Something wrong with the Brush! Its simple, I just can't get it.

    So when I use my brush on photoshop, the usual small circle appears, but the moment I actually USE it. It disappears completely and an arrow appears. Which makes it REALLY difficult to use or even see what i'm doing. I looked at the other forums to see who else has this problem. I found...