1. C

    Pencil Brush Problem

    I was watching a pixel art tutorial and wanted to try it out, but my pencil brush is not working properly. I set it to 1px but it either draws a 2px by 1px rectangle or a 2px by 2px square, and they aren't even drawn at the center of my mouse. I already tried resetting the brushes and the...
  2. B

    Brushes Underlying pattern

    Hello, I'm John. I'm looking for some help with the pattern this brush makes. If you look closely the brush leaves a pattern of squares or short diagonal lines underneath when I'm shading as I pencil sketch. I want to use Photoshop just to emulate pencil sketching to save paper when practicing...
  3. F

    Portrait drawing

    First drawing from photo (by Man Ray 1929) Couldn't get the ear right Sanguine pencil and pastel pencils
  4. Paul

    Draw or draw, or both?

    Photoshop or pencil paper?:wink:
  5. Paul

    Pencil sketches

    All of these are from Google images, i used the image to create an outline and some inner features just for reference. I then apply my mad pencil skills to achieve the likeness for a desired finished look. I also do these on canvas sheets stretched across frames using our over head film...
  6. agentmoeller

    Robert DeNiro

    Pencil on paper.
  7. AlcopopStar

    [Help] Automated Clean 1 Pixel Lines?

    Hello Forum! I'm a pixel artist, and I enjoy sketching with the pencil tool in Photoshop, the issue being I spend a lot of my time cleaning lines, in particular I spend a lot of time getting rid of the blocky bits of the linework that tends to crop of with fluid use of the pencil tool. I did a...
  8. agentmoeller

    portrait WIP

    Pencil on bristol
  9. Howcho

    need clean lines

    I used to photoshop a bit years ago but put it down for some reason. I am trying again but am struggling of course. I like to take the art of Rub Ullman and change it for my personal use. I will find a picture that I like and change the uniform of the girl to one that I want. In this instance...
  10. M

    determining the color of a pixel

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to clean up jpg images so my automation program can covert them to vector images more easily. I need to replace pixels on a pixel by pixel basis with a pencil tool. How can I determine the color of an existing pixel, so I can color match? Thanks to all who reply.
  11. L

    Car Design

    Pencil - Photoshop fun one
  12. G

    Pencil tool doesn't fill in the color, only add to it

    So when I used my pencil tool and the opacity is set to 100%, I click at a place and it only adds a light amount of that color. For example, on a yellow surface and I pick red as the foreground color, when I click the pencil tool to the yellow surface, it looks like light red mixed with yellow...
  13. M

    Image editing guidance: Hereford Bull

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to edit this picture of a Hereford Bull (I'll be targeting it's head mostly): To hopefully look somewhat similar to this picture (style-wise): I played around with the filters but none of them on their own seemed to achieve the kind of look I'm going for, if anyone knows...
  14. V

    How to make the line tool like the Pencil...

    Now this may be a first (where I want something that paint does but in photoshop), but in Paint when you use the line tool, it actually draws a line without any fade effect. Here is a screenshot of a black picture zoomed up where you can see the individual pixels: (I'm trying to get 1 px lines.)...
  15. A

    Seeing pixel size in pencil

    How do I control being able to see the pixel size of the pencil tool so its not just a small x but I can actually see the size of the area I am going to draw with?
  16. hankakston

    From Pencil Drawing to Digital Art

    This is a tall order, I know. But where to begin? Books? Tutorials? I have hundreds of pencil drawings I'd like to convert to digital art, but not "slick"--keeping somehow the style of the finished product. Will post an example link when allowed. Meanwhile see my website at deviantArt for...