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  1. IamSam

    Photoshop: How do you paint brick walls white?

    Over the years, the matter of painting brick walls white has come up often. A quick search shows that there are not many tutorials on painting brick walls white. I personally have a hard time with turning brick white! These are actual images of brick walls painted white..........with paint...
  2. KamiYama

    Specific Color change request

    Can someone please change the hair in the following pictures to white
  3. KamiYama

    Specific Can I get a color change

    Can someone please change the hair in these to white if possible
  4. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change the color

    Can someone change the hair color to white in this picture please
  5. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change color

    Can someone change the color of the coat and hat to black please, I would the boots to be left white of possible
  6. 5

    Changing color of a script (scanned) in a png file...

    My daughter wants me to change a jpeg of here logo into a watermark from below png. I need to make the white background transparent. The problem is, the background is not all pure white, so use of background eraser nor magic eraser gets it all. I tried manually erasing using my Bamboo and pen...
  7. T

    Specific Can someone please photoshop the colors out of this and make it all white?

    Hi how's it going. I'd like this map to be all white. Right now there are a million colors. However, I'd like the town border lines to still be there. Can you help me with this? thank you.
  8. K

    Clout Man

    Is there any way you could take the main guy in this picture (the one wearing glasses and looking stylish), and put him onto a white background? Thank you!
  9. R

    Pen and paper band logo "transcription" into .jpg

    Could you transcribe this pen and paper into jpeg? It doesn't have to look the same (but it would be ok), it would be also very nice to see your interpretation of it if you would want to do it your way. And please make it white text on black background (ofc. not necessary if you want to make it...
  10. N

    After Effects Change to color : White

    Hello, I have a test video: On after the 2017 effect, I try to change the color of the object in white. Lun but it's creating a gray or black color, like a shadow. Or the special effect "Change Color" does not work on white. Do you have...
  11. Eggy

    Great technique for removing white halo around selection

    A problem we've all encountered when doing selections and the option 'matting/remove white Matte or defringe doesn't get you the best result. Here's a technique used by Glyn Dewis
  12. K

    Need grey icons seperated from white background without altering pixels.

    As someone who has been using Photoshop for years I'm at wits end. I'd like to consider myself a seasoned user but oh well. Basically I need to remove the white background from this image I screenshot off my browser: But I want to make sure that the pixels in the grey icons remain exactly the...
  13. M

    Lightroom Problem with background whitening

    Hi. Long story short, I have this problem with making the background white when the object in background is light in color or also close to white. I'm using adjustment brush in lightroom for this purpose. My background when I take photos is usually grey. So making it white is not a problem. But...
  14. A

    2 babys remove background please :)

    Hi im asking for someone to remove the background of this pics so everyone can pick and send what he liked the most to remove background from them i need to put them in this logo so what you think will lay the best from these baby and couple pics thanks I prefer this #1 most this one is better...
  15. T

    Fix white shorts from riding up

    Hello, Just wondering if someone could fix the white pair of shorts so they don't look like they are riding up the inner thigh (which they are). Thank you!
  16. starbird

    How do I make a soft and gauzy edge for images that will be printed on t-shirts?

    I have an enormous number of images that are going to be printed on tshirts. Some have light backgrounds that create a very hard edge on black shirts. Some have black backgrounds that still show a hard edge on black shirts. I found something that uses a large round rough brush but requires an...
  17. E

    Photoshop request

    Hello all. Im trying to put this picture on a coffee mug. But I only want Ben Wyatt, the man on the left to be on a plain white background. Nothing else. This should be a quick job for anyone that knows what they're doing. Thank you
  18. C

    Help editing photo for book cover

    Hello, This is my first time on here. I hope I'm doing things correctly. I would like to find someone who can edit a photo for me for a book cover. I want the man in the photo to be cut out and I want a dispersion effect starting on the right side of his face going upwards. He's a vampire who...
  19. B

    Audi alloy change

    Could someone please change these alloy wheel white many thanks.
  20. L

    Please help

    Hello all new to the site and know nothing about editing. I need the photo with a solid white background. Thank you so much