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  1. F

    Putting layer with stamp OVER image with only the ink overlaying??

    Hey Guru's I have a n00b question. I am trying to put a layer (with a stamp print) over a picture. But I only want the black ink from the stamp over the image not the white background the layer itself. Every time I try to do it the white background comes with it and it just doesn't work. I've...
  2. U

    Illustrator Creating white as a spot colour?

    Help- I am creating a document to print onto transparent bags. I want to create white as a spot colour. I cannot seem to change names if I create an alternative colour. Can anybody help? Thanks
  3. B

    How do I achieve this dotted/sprinkled effect?

    Hi, the image I have attached has a white dotted/sprinkled effect rather than a solid color. As you can see the dots are more dense in some areas, so I assume its not a fill pattern. Is it a brush that was applied more in some areas? or is it a large transparent image with random white specks...
  4. M

    Clarifying/Lightening Glass to look more natural on white

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice on touching up some photos of a product I make, and would really appreciate any direction you can give. It's a homebrewing kit housed in a wooden base, and has proven a bit tough to isolate on white as there are a lot of glass components involved. I'm...
  5. Paul

    Remove the white haze please

    Ok this is my wife jet washing the front of her car (mine is behind her) i took a cheeky snap of her through her back window she never knew i was there ha ha. Very rare to see her hand washing her car usually i get told to do them all or she goes through the local car wash. My request is this...
  6. MatchPhotos

    How to make paint brush automatically paints colour on black and white layer

    How to make paint brush automatically paint colour on a black and white layer This is probably an easily solved question as it was something I used to have set before I format my laptop and lost my preferences but here it is.. Before format, when I would apply the Black and White adjustment...
  7. A

    Stupid error with Brush

    When using selection or layer my Brush tool used to show the layer underneath when revered on it, now it paints black or white. What to do ?
  8. gautamz07

    Just a Footer

    Yo Guys whts up ! had nothing much to do today , so designed a footer :P for a website . Check it out . I Knw it looks like something just pasted on a white Background , but Hmmmm , it took sm coding lool . anyways . hope u guys like it :P :P
  9. I

    hi white background removal

    what is the easiest way to remove the white background of these pictures?
  10. J

    Logo Development (.ai format preferred)

    Hi all, Here is my rough concept for a logo # 1 # 2 "Media" refers to modern technology so the logo should reflect this. Any feedback please - likes or dislikes as potential for development? I am not stuck with it and am free to throw it out and start again if necessary. If it is ok for...
  11. J

    Request for assistance to create an action

    Hi All, Request for assistance to create an action in Photoshop cs6 to Batch Change image background to white. I need to batch convert high resolution product images through layer/vector mask +/or channels without using the selection tools. Have tried to create white background layer and...
  12. S

    Pixelating/squaring off scanned paper punch image.

    Hi, Need some help converting this scan of a mechanical piano roll into a simple picture of rectangular black bars (almost like tetris) against a white background. The paper punched holes stand for notes. Most attempts I've made can quickly distinguish the black bars from the background...
  13. M

    Remove white background from complex image

    Hello i have a rather complex logo which i have to remove the background from. The background is completely white while the logo has a very darkish almost black color. However there are many white areas within the logo which are to small or narrow for the "quick selection tool to pickup"...
  14. N

    white spots on black background

    I am using photoshop elements 7. I consistently have problems when I use paintbucket or paintbrush to make the background or a figure black. It looks okay in a photoshop format but once its made into jpeg tiny white or gray spots appear. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help?:sad:
  15. A

    How to make background white (it fades from a color to white)

    I was using a picture and used gaussian blur to make it a bit fuzzier. It had a white background though, so I used the magic wand tool to get rid of it. I want to put a color behind this image that fades in from the bottom using the gradient tool. The problem is though that I did not delete all...
  16. Z

    i need help please. image went from color to black and white

    who do i get it to go back? the image tab said rgb/8 but now reads red/8
  17. I

    Marque/Lasoo Tool leaves white outline

    Hi, I have an image I'm trying to split into multiple layers. When I cut a section of the starting image out an paste it onto another layer it leaves a noticeable white outline or gap between the "background" and the cutout part of the image. How do I avoid doing this? I'm using Photoshop CS5.1...
  18. Z

    Pentax K-r test shot (sorry about the white balance)

    sorry about the white balance issue, but I’m still getting used to it, yes, the pentax is in the house, however i can't have it till Christmas :P i can wait 'til then, just to have it in my hand on Christmas day and it's coming to me earlier than i had initially expected. i love it. absolutely...
  19. H

    Auto-crop surrounding white from image

    I am looking for a way to automate the process of cropping an image to a rectangle that precisly fits the outermost non-white pixels of an image. Ideally I would be able to specify the white tolerance. Is there a plugin that does this? Or a series of steps that can be rolled into an action...