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  1. K


    Do you guys can edit a gif too? cause I have a request regarding some colour change on .gif file I will leave it here, I want that little effect that it makes from white to red if you can
  2. N

    Remove Background

    Good morning everyone. New to the forum. I would just like to get my logo's background removed, because the white background screws it all. Thank you very much. PDF Download:
  3. T

    Illustrator Help with logo - Illustrator

    Hi there I would be really grateful for some advice on the following. I have a PDF with the vector logo for my small company and having downloaded Adobe Illustrator I now wish to learn the basics so I can manipulate the logo. 1) I have uploaded the AI file, and need to be able to crop the logo...
  4. F

    How can I remove the background of this image and make it all white in photoshop?

    Hi Everyone! How can I change the background color to pure white without removing the hair color? I've tried to use the background eraser and protect the foreground but I think because the background color is close to the actual pale blonde hair color, the eraser tool removes the hair...
  5. K

    Photoshop request!! Y'all are the best

    Can anyone change this towel to a red white and blue towel not just blue and white
  6. T

    Can Anyone Recreate This?

    Can Anyone recreate this design using the attached photos in the same order and in front of the attached logo and with the diamond? Make it blue, white, and black instead of blue and yellow thanks!
  7. jromer

    How do I achieve this darkened effect?

    Hi gurus, new member here. I decided to look for a PS forum after failing to find answers to my questions on YouTube. I'm learning web design and a crucial skill to have in my tool belt is Photoshop. Long story short, the objective for today is darkening a photo in order to use it as a...
  8. G

    ACR White Balance Question

    I believe there are 2 (at least) ways of automatically setting White Balance and it seems they give different results so I am wondering what the difference is. If I select an neutral area of an image and I use the White Balance Tool (I) it automatically adjust the TEMPERATURE and TINT sliders...
  9. R

    Night Mode mistake - Can someone change back to normal colors.

    I purchased a Go Pro knockoff camera for a recent vacation trip to try. I was playing with the settings in a cave and had it on night mode. The following day I was taking pics on the ocean while kayaking and all my still shots were still in night mode so everything has a white hue to it. I'm...
  10. C

    Photoshop request(Miata)

    Question Photoshop Request? Im just wondering if someone could do me a favor that is decent with photoshop, as of now I have a white 1.8 miata with a tan top but I'm getting tired of the white. If someone could photoshop a black Miata with silver/chrome advanti storm s1 wheels and a tan soft top...
  11. J

    how to create something like this ?

    hi I am new to this forum and I hope that this question is on-topic. I want to create something like this It's about the "random" white patches on the red areas. How to create this kind of stamp look ?
  12. C

    Request for white background photoshop

    Hi photoshop community. Can you please photoshop the picture below on a crisp white background with no graying or shadows. Thank you so much for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated!!
  13. B

    Remove grit from image

    Hi guys I'd like to have the white grit removed from this photo, unfortunately I'm failing miserably when trying to do it myself. It would be nice to get the picture look smooth. Would any of you guys be able to help me, please? Thanks for considering!
  14. V

    Need Help! Need to transparently Erase.

    Hi, guys! Good day! I need your help! I have a logo attached in this thread and there is a white stroke part in that logo need to transparently remove. but if I'll do that, the result will damage my logo with pixelated quality. Is it okay you guys help me to remove this white part? Thanks! It...
  15. F

    Quick help for an icon (resolution, effects)

    Hey there Gurus! I'm currently working on building a new website (my first one) for a student association. It's a all black and white design and I need to insert this icon on the page. Unfortunately it's too small to use and has some unwanted effects (gray strains). Could one of you fix it to...
  16. L

    Logo background edit help!

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to edit the background of this logo for me so that it is just the red tree logo on a black background instead of a white background. The second image I have attached, I would also like edited so again it is a red tree on a black background rather than the white on...
  17. E

    Photoshop my late grandpa

    Hello, Can you photoshop my late grandpa kinda like a ghost right behind my mom(woman in white). For her birthday?
  18. Pipsmom

    Nik Color Effects Pro (Rambling) but true

    I love the Nik collection I really do ....but it's got a random glitch that drives me loopy but who can grumble when it's free... I use the Color Effects Pro in the classic soft mode for one friend whom I do a lot of pictures for of her dogs and today 18 touch ups of her new grand baby and she...
  19. F

    Photoshop Request

    Hello forums,can you help me out i only have gimp on my laptop and i dont have photoshop.I need only the girl in this photo,so if somebody can remove the background(and make it transparent) i would be thankful because when i try to do it with gimp i always mess up her hair,pieces of white...
  20. R

    A little Photoshop help please

    Hi guys, I'm trying to remove the people showing under the box, replacing with the nice cobblestones and also make the florecent jacket on the right less obvious, white colour maybe. Thank you :)