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Need some help with a job!!!!


New Member
Hi everyone,

So I was a graphic design major in college and I was very involved with it after college. However I went into sales and have stayed there for the last few years. Now I am hating it and want to get in with this new company. They know I have a graphic design back ground and could use some help in that area immediately. I stressed that I have not used much of it since school but they sent me some work as a "test." So I could use some help just getting it set up and then I can do all the leg work.

They basically want me to take their designs and logos and set them up to be ready to go to print, they will be printed for a trade show event booth. They have given me specific dimensions to follow with 1 inch bleeds. I just need some help getting it set up in photoshop and maybe a brush up on resizing images.

Could someone please help me out. I can send you some emails and I would love to get set up the right way.

Thank you so much!!


Staff member