1. J

    Need some help with a job!!!!

    Hi everyone, So I was a graphic design major in college and I was very involved with it after college. However I went into sales and have stayed there for the last few years. Now I am hating it and want to get in with this new company. They know I have a graphic design back ground and could use...
  2. Z

    3 pieces of college work i found

    Hey guys I found these three pieces on my old hard disk... I was just about starting to look at 3d at this point, I screwed myself over with this one as the module after this would've fit perfectly with these images XD having said that, the module later got me into 3D, sooo. :P anyway...
  3. C

    Photoshop Splash Screens

    Some of you may know this, most do not, but with the right tools and know-how you can actually change the splash screen for Photoshop and customize it to your liking. Here's some examples that I made, both college teams:
  4. R

    new guy

    Hey, my name is Raul and i've just started working in photoshop after taking a course at college. Hopefully if i have any doubts or need help I can find it here.
  5. Hybrus

    shark shirt

    hi, i just want to show you this design that i made to our college intrams shirt . . . i am looking forward for any suggestions . . thank you
  6. samc36

    Random stuff I did in College and anyway megathread! (Pic heavy) (Bit random)

    This thread will just be a collection of random pieces I've produced in college. Most of it probably from first year as that's when I did my Photoshop module. There's some Illustrator too I mostly used Photoshop to create assets for other work after that module. I might put some other stuff up...