1. S

    Colour change

    Hey guys, please could you edit a photo for me. The photo was taken after the gentleman had whitened his lower 6 front teeth. He then went on to get several crowns to match the new shade and I have final photos of that. But I don't have a photo of him before the whitening to compare them...
  2. J

    How it's done?

    Hi everyone, I've tried on many ways to get picture on the right side from the left one but couldn't. Can someone explain me how it was made?
  3. A

    Resizng of artwork

    Hi I am posting this again as I forgot to attach the artwork before Same details needs to be PDF all text converted to outlines any bitmap images saved 100% size at 130dpi embed all images and elements bleed each side 1 mm I do have all the parts separate and also in photoshop format...
  4. M

    Remove locks on the left side of the head

    Hello, please help me to remove the two dreadlocks on the left side of the head. Thank you
  5. S

    How the hell did i do that :$

    Hello... Im sure this would have popped up before, could someone help me on this image... and tell me how the hell did i do that ? The original image on the left and right image happened when i tried to paste another image side by side of the original. Also wanna know if there is a way to get...
  6. J

    Remove friends hair from photo

    I took this photo with a friend and I love this picture of me but she hates it so I tried to crop her out but you can still see her hair on the side of my face. If someone could remove it it would be greatly appreciated
  7. M

    Please help with Machu Picchu picture

    I'm in the image and I would like to be moved the right hand side of the image, so that Machu Picchu is more visible.
  8. J

    How can I make a compact disk back side light refraction rainbow effect ?

    Hello, I'm a complete beginner to the world of photoshop. I saw tutorials about how to make CD front side cover on youtube. But there is no tutorial for making the back side of a CD ... an this is the most complicated (in my view) since we outta take into account the rainbow light diffraction...
  9. E

    Need to crop (simple)

    Yes before you say it I am a complete beginner in photoshop. I have tried looking up tutorials for this but nothing has really worked out for me. If you could please crop out the overlaying triangles that stick out (all 4) the side and make sure it blends in well. If you can do this for me it...
  10. P

    lighten only one side of a photo

    My sister has a photo that was taken from outside a car window so on the right its nice and light but the subject on the right is dark I need to lighten only the right side how would i do that?
  11. A

    Fire and Ice

    Hiya, I was wondering if someone could take Alycia debnam carey (Picture 1), put her onto the blue side of the background provided (Picture 2), then add Claire Redfield (Picture 3) onto the orange/red side of the background provided so that they are turned away from each other? Also could you...
  12. M

    Removing a hair strand

    Hi everyone ! Can someone please remove the hair strand hiding my face ? And if possible hide my ear with hair. Just tell me if it's too difficult. Is it even possible..? I can send you two pictures of me, from the front and the side of my face, maybe it could help you reconstructing the missing...
  13. A

    headshot edits

    can someone please remove the hair that is on my chest and also fix my lips ( one side is bigger then the other )
  14. Eggy

    The Life Cycle

    Its been a very long time I did a composite. Well today I started with and the persons to get two versions. Pick the one you like most you know, left side spring and youth, the right side winter and old(er)... Please do comment.
  15. V

    Please help with advice on Pano

    Hi there ive been working on this pano (original size is 19000x5000) all day to fix the curves and im almost happy with it. the only thing thats really still wrong with it is that its to stretched out on the right hand side. Ive been trying for hours to find a way to basically relax the image a...
  16. R

    Can someone remove people from photo?

    Hi all :thumbsup: Could someone please be able to remove the four people leaning on the ledge on the right hand side of the picture? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  17. B

    Simple Photoshop Request!

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering if someone could remove the assistive touch on the side of this picture! Thanks!
  18. M

    Content Aware Scale or ?

    I have an image in which the model's foot touches the edge of the image. The actual shoe is not complete.....pixels (very few, but some) of the shoe merge into the right frame of the image. I wish to add canvas to the right hand side such that the shoe is not touching the right hand side of...
  19. chrisdesign

    When We Where Young

    My brother (on the right side of the image) will have his 70th birthday soon. I found this old Black and White Foto of us, added some image details on the left side and colorized it. The size of the final print will be 40 cm and put in a frame of 60cm. I think it'll make a nice present.
  20. chrisdesign

    3D Steampunk Sculptures

    Steampunk! A form of Art... why not? Symbols, carved out of stone. Completely done with Blender. For lighting I used a spotlight (Main light) high up from the right side. A warm soft light from the left for brightening the shadows and add some color to the sculptures.