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Specific Help please


New Member
Hi, first of all thank you for the service you provide!

I want to make a tattoo of my dog but I can’t get it right.
I want to do the photo with the paw but with my dog inside, wich means I wanted the eyes a little darker and “sweater” and the nose a little rounder. I love the way it’s drawn I just wanted it to look like my dog..
Is this possible?


Thank you very, very, very much,
Rute Almas
something like this?


  • 0ec54d27366416af25673c900d9d3d91--wolf-print-tattoo-lion-tattoo.png
    3.7 MB · Views: 0
yes, exactly like this but I wanted my dog face in drawn like the one above. is that possible?
Thank you very much
Sorry, but unless I am missing something @fogo00 put pic of your dog inside the paw. Are you requesting something else?
If I do understand well, you want the existing dog in the example replaced by your dog?