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  1. M

    Paid Tattoo Removal $20

    Hello, please remove the tattoos are the arms from all the pictures below. These are professional pictures that need to be sent out as wedding cards. Thank you.
  2. N

    Creative Adding funny tattoos

    Could anyone add funny/goofy tattoos around my belly button? Looking to freak out friends and family. Many thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Paid Turtle Tattoo Simplification and Style

    Hello! I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of a turtle on my right shoulder blade as a memoir of my mom. I showed this picture to a tattoo artist and he informed me that the design is far too intricate to do on just my shoulder blade and the tattoo would have to be a lot larger for it to look...
  4. B

    Specific Photoshop tattoo off and on

    Hello. Can someone please photoshop the Superman and writing tattoos off of this arm and photoshop in the sunflower tattoo instead? Can you also make sure the sunflower tattoo is facing the right way too? Thanks
  5. C

    Specific Tattoo Photoshop request.

    I'm planning on getting a new tattoo for my birthday so can someone Photoshop this dragon on my leg, shrink it if you have to.
  6. K

    Specific Help please

    Hi, first of all thank you for the service you provide! I want to make a tattoo of my dog but I can’t get it right. I want to do the photo with the paw but with my dog inside, wich means I wanted the eyes a little darker and “sweater” and the nose a little rounder. I love the way it’s drawn I...
  7. N

    Can any one help with a gone wrong tattoo. A new design?

    Hello to all. When i was about 17 I let my brother tattoo my arm a bad mistake. 5 years later I went to what i thought was a professional and they messed it up even more. I am now scared to go to someone else in case they make it even worse. This is my last chance to make it right. Can any one...
  8. G

    Help coloring in my next tattoo.

    My wife drew my next tattoo for me and I'm trying to get a couple of different renders of what it may look like in color but I'm no good at it and seems like many of you are. I'm just looking for it to be as realistic as one would expect a heart to look like going through this much trauma...
  9. T

    Tattoo Idea Photoshop

    I've had this idea for a tattoo for a few months now and ive look on the internet to try and find something similar and just cannot seem too so that I why I am here, The idea is the have the Native Skull(ive included a picture) tattoo but instead of the headdress being the traditional colors i'd...
  10. H

    Tattoo design

    This is something I have been wanting to get done for quite a few many years now. Recently I came upon some extra income and is the perfect time for me to get this done. It's a memorial tattoo for some close relatives and future relatives that have passed or pass away in the future. I'll try...
  11. L

    making isometric patterns with photoshop

    I would like to emulate a certain pattern for now, so i can use it in my tattoo designs and on my sign maybe. can anybody shed some light on how i can do this pattern easily and precisely?
  12. M

    Tattoo design

    Hello, could some one help me design tattoo which i want for my wife who passed away last year
  13. E

    Remove chain and make image like tattoo sketch.

    Good day . I am not actually photoshop professional and looking for someone to do this for me.. It's possible to make first tattoo picture like one whole picture and make it like tattoo sketch ? If it's not possible , can someone remove chain and make crying face the same like at the first...
  14. L

    Tattoo Request

    Thanks alot.
  15. agentmoeller

    Tattoo Design

    Pretty obvious who it is....
  16. A

    Help to create tattoo

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm already have a request. I'm thinking of making a tattoo, I have some ideas but I don't have skills to visualize. I'm interested in ancient greek and sparta. Maybe someone can create a symbols if these: it's just an idea. I want something simillar. This is...
  17. gsheet

    Help me color this tattoo.

    Hy there, my name is Sorin, I have a idea for my new Tattoo , about the legendary god of wine, Bacchus. I have the scratch, but i need this painting in colors, more realistic. I will upload here the painting, and maybe you can help me . tnx guys, and please help me..
  18. T

    Question/Request about a tattoo sleeve picture

    Hello everyone I'm planning to do a half sleeve bioshock tattoo, i've found an image however it is a shot taken from multiple angles and i'd like to combine them into one so i can see all the details. Is it possible to do that? I'm talking about the part from the wrist to the elbow. I dont...
  19. C

    Trying to make a tattoo design

    Hey guys, I am trying to get a first tattoo design set up before I deploy, but im not so good with photoshop anymore. (its been like 5 years since i took a highschool digital design class) So i was wondering if one of you guys could help me out. I want it to be a picture of a monkey wearing an...
  20. T

    Tattoo Ideas - Steam Punk style Yin-Yang

    Im about to start working on my next piece, and figured I would set out on a number of digital media forums in search of anyone interested in posting their ideas, alterations, or their own work if so inclined. The general idea sprang from a movie released back in fall 2012, Tai-Chi 0, although...